Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cote Sud

This magazine always makes me happy. My highschool/college French is basically non-existent these days but the beautiful pictures are all I need......

You know what else makes me happy?
My modest island style kitchen and living room....

Palm wood coffee table from Fiji....

Paddle bought in Tahiti.
Pillow bought in the Cook Islands.
Stool and bowl from Bali.
Glass Japanese fishing ball found by my father 35 years ago on a beach in Kauai.....

"Lono"....my 11 year old Tiki from the Big Island.

Coconut door stop from Hana and Havaianas bought in Australia.....


I started my day off with a large Green Juice.
1 Bunch of Organic Kale
Kapalua Cilantro
1 LARGE Organic Fuji Apple
1/2 Local Lemon
1 large Organic Cucumber peeled

Several hours later I had a huge salad for lunch.
Local Baby Spinach
1 whole Haas Avocado
The sweetest local tomatoes I have ever had!
Hana Farms organic red leaf lettuce
Kalamata Olives
Annie's Goddess Dressing

Around mid afternoon I was craving chocolate BAD so I whipped up a vegan "Milk Shake"

Vanilla Almond Milk
frozen local Honey Bananas
Raw Cocao Powder ( from Navitas Naturals ) 
Vanilla Extract
coconut butter
Lacuma Power ( from Navitas Naturals )

Wow! Really tasted like the real deal!

For Dinner I picked up some Carrot Ginger Coconut Soup-Vegan at the Farmer's Market in Honokowai.
I spruced it up a bit with some Golden Raisins and Cilantro.

coconut milk
veggie broth
Braggs Amino Acids


Busy "Saturday" night for me.....I have some organizing for work to get done. Fun Fun....
The weather has been pretty random lately so I haven't had much beach time since Hana. The wind has been wicked so surfing and paddling have been a challenge to get to. Also, I think I'm dealing with an annoying case of Hay Fever. Blah....Hopefully that's all it is and not a prelude to a cold. Wish me luck:-)


  1. I love the pretty pictures of your place! I love my home but wish it was more simple. I am not a pack rat but I tend to collect a lot of keepsakes. They are all pretty and fit in together but it gives my place a bit of a cluttered look. I am always trying to simplify. I have had that magazine before too. Heart French stuff. :)

  2. I'm a minimalist for sure....However, I live with a pretty big pack rat. I should take a photo of our spare bedroom just for laughs. I only go in there to clean the litter box because the room makes my blood pressure go up. Anyway, I gave up a long ago lol......

  3. I responded to your award yesterday!