Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Reality....

Mmmmm check out the Mango-Coconut Jam I bought at the Hana Fresh....Can't wait to try!

Anyway....back to the real world.
16 oz of Green Juice!

1 bunch organic kale
1 cucumber
1/3 local lemon
1 bunch organic Kapalua Farms cilantro
1 organic Granny Smith Apple

I've decided to to spruce up my cafeteria sandwitch a bit. I purchased some Rudi's Organic Bakery Spelt grain bread to replace the corn syrup laden whole wheat bread I've been eating. I also brought my own Annie's Goddess dressing to replace the cafeteria's Italian for my sandwitch dressing....
I'm liking the "upgrade"
The Spelt bread was really good ( nutty tasting and dense....Love the Annie's Dressing too:-)

Veggie Sammie
2 slices Spelt bread
sharp cheddar
Annie's Goddess Dressing

After work I headed to Maui Zen Day Spa for an hour long massage ( a birthday present from Mom! )
It was amazing....I seriously almost fell asleep. If I ever have any money someday I will have no issue getting these at least twice a month!

Some Hana Fresh produce....
I mixed some cherry tomatoes with some chopped kalamata olives and then added some basil from my yard. I then tossed this with some beautiful Red Leafed lettuce and Annie's Goddess Dressing.

I then roasted an organic acorn squash with some local Maui honey, sea salt and cayenne pepper. I also cooked up some quinoa..... To the quinoa I added some chopped dried apricots, pine nuts, balsamic vinegar, sea salt and a little bit of olive oil.

Everything tasted perfect.....I love eating colorful island grown foods.
I think Carlos will be stoked on the leftovers when he's pau with work too.

See you manana....


  1. I love Annie's Goddess dressing. In fact my hubby and I just made it through almost a whole bottle. That jam looks amazing. Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Annie Goddess dressing is SO good. The jam looks great too! I would love to go somewhere BORING. Relaxing is the spice of life. :)

  3. Oh...and my sister and I got my Dad an hour massage at Maui Zen with Mary Jane. His birthday is Friday!

  4. that mango coconut jam looks amazing!!! wish we had that in California!