Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NY '10 Resolution #2...check!

Always so many things to take care of on my days off......clean, shop, garden, pay bills, etc. So I started my day with my favorite new smoothie.
Strawberry Smoothie

frozen bananas
frozen strawberries
vanilla almond milk
vanilla extract
yacon powder

Then off to Lahaina to take of some biz.....
I had a gift certificate from the Marriott so I decided to use it at one of my favorite local gourmet specialty stores, "Maui Prime"

ohhhh cheese.........

My Bounty.....
Goat Brie
Castle Blue
Yarra Valley Feta
Pumpkin Butter
Red Pepper and Ancho Chili Pepper Jelly
Rosemary and Sea Salt crackers ( I had this same brand in Australia...super yum )

After several of these I was no longer hungry for a proper lunch.....

Love this brand.."Earth and Vine Provisions" I bought a ton of this stuff in Yountville ( N. Cali, Wine Country ) a few years back....nice to see I can find it here in the lower latitudes now.....

Then I fertilized the garden with some 16.16.16.
My lettuce beds...post pruning.
(no fertilizer for these actually)

Look at all my baby citrus leaves :-)

and flowers....

Sugar Snap Peas

The "Sweet 100s" are starting to flower too.

The "Thai Dragons" are starting to produce again as well....

And then it was time to go to the dentist....

Okay so here's the truth....I have not been to the dentist since 2004. That is just horrible! Honestly, I went twice a year before that but I had a million issues with my insurance and then so much time had passed I was scared to go. So, if anyone can remember my post from New Year's Eve one of my resolutions was to finally go to the dentist...so, I finally did and here's the damage after 6 years....

I still have zero cavities and my dentist said I have perfect looking gums. He said he never sees gums like mine unless somebody religiously flosses every single day! He asked me what my routine was and I told him that I flossed every day this week.  However in all honesty, I never floss and I'm seriously embaressed to admit it and I'm thinking because I got this "Get out of Jail Free Card" I should start.
 So then he said, "Well, it must be your diet...." And then he asked me what I ate ( lol )
 I told him, "No soda, no coffee, no candy and lots and lots of fruit and veggies"
He said, "Well....that must be it....most people your age have a lot of dental issues...."

Nice....did he have to say that??? "Your age......"
Awesome....It's bad enough I have another birthday in about 2 weeks and I'm actually trying to be REALLY quiet about that so my ovaries don't over hear. It sucks being a women sometimes I swear....

Anyway, Stoked to be cavity free at 33 years, 11 months and 13 days....apparently that's amazing.

Rocket Pasta-Vegetarian

cooked organic pasta
Big Island asparagus
rocket ( arugula ) organic Kapalua Farms
local lemon juice and zest
organic cracked black pepper
percorino romano cheese
white wine vinegar
sea salt

I also had about 2 glasses of Pinot Grigio....

Alright, Carlos was so annoyed by my gloating about my dentist appointment that he went to bed at 9 pm tonight...I'm sorry but he's next. He's seriously way more overdue than I was. Sucks having a girlfriend sometimes doesn't it.....


  1. I am so jealous of your dentist experience. Not only do I eat healthy (not quite as healthy as you, but pretty close) I also floss as much as twice a day, use an expensive electric toothbrush, and brush my teeth 2-3 times a day, I constantly have cavities. And I am seriously terrified of the dentist!!!!
    Your garden looks great. :)

  2. Hi Amanda- Your garden is looking awesome. I just planted my first garden this past weekend- now just hoping stuff grows. What is 16.16.16? Is that an organic fertilizer? I am going to try to keep my garden as organic as possible (it's a community garden, so I can't control what other people do) and am looking for tips on organic fertilizing. :)

  3. Hi Kim,
    Here's a link about 16 16 16 fertilizer. The local nursery told me it's a great balanced fertilizer for gardening in Hawaii. Organic varities should be available to you at your nursery:-)


  4. Wow, way to go! That's definitely an accomplishment to be proud of! :)

  5. Congrats on rocking the dentist appointment!
    I'm not going to lie, I totally enjoy going to the dentist.

  6. Thanks Amanda! I'll look it up. :)