Monday, March 22, 2010

Full Day

I started my day with a fresh Juice...
I used a combo of...

2 small organic Blood Oranges
2 organic Navel oranges
1 peeled cucumber

I really wish I had just stopped there but I added a Tb of Lacuma Powder and 1 tsp of Maca . Unfortunately this added a "grainy" texture to my juice that I didn't like.....
These Super Foods seem to be a nice complement to a creamy smoothie but not so much for a fresh juice :-)
Anyway, Love the organic Blood Oranges I bought from "Whole Foods" 2 weeks ago! Carlos and I are having really nice luck with our Keffir Lime and Tangelo trees this season. I would LOVE to get my hands on a Blood Orange tree next!

Off to work.

Where I scored one of these....
and noshed on one of these.....

1 Tb organic Peanut Butter
1/3 local Maui banana

It's Spring Break ( oh joy....this had an completely different meaning 15 yrs ago ) which meant I had a pretty busy today....I snuck in a quick unpictured sandwitch from from the cafeteria when I had a few minutes to spare.....

2 slices of whole wheat
2 slices tomato
4 leaves of lettuce
1 slice of cheddar
1 slice of Swiss
dash of Italian dressing for some flava

This was pretty yummy actually....and it kept me full all day long :-) Me like.

So this brings me to the gym.....
Okay....I remember back in day when I used to run ( 2006? ) and I seem to recall days like today....
I get to the gym around 4ish....I'm ready for my run but I once I start I just can't get through it? What's up with that? Why can I run 2-3 miles some days with ease and today I was out of it in 7 minutes????
Seriously WTF?
I know I'm only about 2 weeks into my running but bueno.
So I did about 1.75 painful miles in 15 minutes and then hopped on the Elliptical for another 30....blah.
Potato and Mushroom Gnocchi...OMG

Emilia Brand Mushroom Gnocchi from Italia
Smitten Kitchen's homemade tomato and onion sauce ( BTW - divine on gnocchi )
sauteed local mushrooms in lemon, dry white wine, salt, pepper and fresh Italian parsley from my garden.
This was fabu....must must make again....

It's movie night with Taj!

That's right buddy...I'm coming for you!


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