Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day off...

Green Juice

2 oranges
1 cucumber
1 organic Granny Smith apple
1/2 local lemon
1/ bunch organic kale

Super windy day on Maui so instead of heading to the beach I took off for Kahalui to run some errands....

Quick stop at Whole Foods ( Obviously )

For a $10 salad.....
mixed greens
roasted red peppers
balsamic dressing
parm cheese
chick peas

I do have to say this.... in all honestly Whole Foods is not any more expensive than any other grocery store on this island.....The prices are pretty competitive with Safeway and it definitely beats many of the health food stores I shop at. Too bad it's so far from my house :-(
These are really good. I love the cacao nibs in them.

Dinner was something different. Carlos bought some Harissa Sauce from Lahaina Farms this week so I finally decided to make something with it.

Tofu Kabobs-vegan

red onions
lemon wedges
Harrisa Sauce

I don't use a lot of tofu these days because I think it's pretty processed but Kabobs just sounded good.  I found some nice extra firm sprouted organic tofu to use.
I pared them with some
Apricot Isreali Couscous-vegan

pearled coucous
chopped Italian Parsley
chopped dried apricots
lemon zest
sea salt
red pepper flakes

and some Tzatziki-vegetarian

thick Greek yogurt ( like Fage 2%)
sea salt
white cracked pepper

Not bad:-)
I also had 2 glasses of Monkey Bay Sauv Blanc....

See you tomorrow!

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