Saturday, March 27, 2010

Closing Time

Nothing like banana soft serve for breakfast ......
First, I whipped up 2 frozen bananas with a bit of cinnamon, vanilla and agave extract in the Vita-Mixer. Next, I topped this with some Hemp and Flax seed Granola.

Bit of a drizzily morning on the west side of Maui but like they say...."No Rain, No Rainbows"

Short day today at the office but before I left, I made myself a quick veggie sammie for lunch.
whole wheat bread
Iceberg lettuce
sharp cheddar ( really good )
red onions
Italian dressing

I'm not sure what the deal is but my tonsils are bothering me again....It's not
the VOG so maybe it's stress and lack of sleep? I've been dealing with a major case of insomia all week too?
Anyway, I headed to Wailuku this evening to grab something from my house that will be closing escrow on Monday....It was so strange going over there. I have not been on the property in over a year and a half....
I have a lot of mixed feeling about the sale of this home....First of all, I'm happy it's over with and I can finally close this chapter of life. However, it was really sad to see the house, the flower beds and the now fully grown palm trees in my yard. I miss my cat, Dixie. I lost her in my divorce too and part of me expected her to run up to the sliding glass door when I peered inside the empty space. I wonder where she is now? I hope she's fat and happy......

The last few years have been very hard on me. I hope better days are finally around the corner. Going through a brutal divorce in the middle of this incredible recession has been absolutely crushing. I look the at the wrinkles around my eyes and some gray hair and I wonder if they would be here already if none of this had ever happen.

Anyway, New Years Resolution #9.   Check.


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  1. I gave you the Sunshine Award: check it out. :D