Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Aloha! Nothing like starting the morning with an annual OBGYN appointment. Fun times! I know they say it's only necessary once every 3 years but I like to keep on it......( unlike the dentist ). I'm so inspired by checking off my own list of medical appointments in 2010 that I let Carlos know that I will be making him dental and medical check up appointments when I get to work tomorrow morning.......
Me: "You are going to the doctors and the dentist because you are almost 40 and I'm worried about you...."
Carlos: "Ummm okayyyyy"
Me: "So next Tuesday should be good for you right??
Carlos: "Ummm sure...."
Me: "Awesome, I'll let you know what time. Don't worry, I'll go with you........"
Carlos: "That's great Amanda"

He loves me I swear.....

After "Maui Medical" I made myself a HUGE Green Juice!!
1 bunch organic Kale
2 organic Granny Smith Apples
1 whole local cucumber
1/2 local lemon
Place all in Juicer.....makes about 18 oz!

Light Lunch

mmmmm Vegetarian Organic Dolmas and local lemon.
Banana Soft Serve Sunday.... -  raw vegan
2 frozen bananas in Vita-Mixer, agave, and vanilla extract until wipped.
Chocolate Sauce: mix of agave, vanilla, sea salt, and raw cocao
Strawberry Sauce: strawberries blended with 1 packet of Stevia

This didn't suck...... 

Then a short shopping trip to the Honokowai Farmer's Market
( Almost bought those Cremini Mushrooms.....maybe tomorrow. Yum! )

Look at those beautiful local Olowalu Tomatoes :-)

I bought some sweet white Kula Maui corn
and some Maui green onions.
to use with these....

I decided to make a Asian inspired cold Green Bean Salad with a mixture of these ingredients...

rice wine vinegar
sesame oil
blue agave
local lime
Thai Dragon chilies from my garden


Toss dressing with blanched green beans and marinate in the fridge for several hours..

I served my Green Bean Salad with Basmati rice, black sesame seeds and Bill Granger's inspired Corn and Ginger Soup ( 11/4/10 post )

"So good, it's good for you......"

Back to work in the a.m. Ciao!


  1. That's so weird! I just had my annual on Monday. I really wanted to ask about my weight issue (having improved my diet, exercise, etc, and seeing no weight loss) but the doctor was interrupted mid exam to go deliver a baby. Luckily she finished the job, but it was rather rushed.

    That bean salad looks delish!

  2. All that fresh produce looks incredible. I've visited a few farms and farmer's markets here in NZ and don't see nearly as much selection as in America. Not sure if that's good or bad. They sell just one kind of apple, one kind of pear, etc. Not sure if they're specializing or just don't have the variety we do...

  3. I have not spent much time in the mainland U.S. in the last 12 yrs but from what I've seen ( and I'm from California ) the farmer's markets back home are absolutely amazing!
    I wasn't able to get to any farmer's market when I was in NZ because the weather was so miserable but I did go to a few in OZ. The Byron Bay Hinterland had some of the most beautiful variety of produce I have ever seen ( Farmer's Markets in Bangalow and Byron to name a few ) I tried my first Chocolate Sapote there and I've been trying to hunt them down ever since! ( Supposidly there grow here in Hawaii too ??! )
    Anyway, It looks as if you are get MUCH better weather that I did in NZ....there weather there can be sooooo unpredictable:-) Looks like awesome fun though!!! We never made it to the South Island because we got snowed out. However, our favorite parts of the North were Raglan and The Bay of Islands:-)

  4. I just tried your Banana Soft Serve Sunday last night when I had a sugar craving! It was AMAZING! I was stunned that I could make something that had such a milky texture with no milk. Thank you for sharing! I just love it.