Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Catch up

Oh where do I start ??? So much has happened over the last week! It was sooooo wierd not having the internet!
Carlos took me on a "mini date" Saturday night. I'm calling it a "mini date" because we were actually on our way to Barnes and Nobles to read magazines for free when he asked me if I was hungry. ( I'm always hungry so silly question ) Then, he suggested we try the new restaurant in town that I've been dying to go to! ( ugh! )

You See, I was in yoga clothes and sans make up ( ick.....) so I had to think about that for about 2 seconds before I could decide on what I wanted to do....

 "Okay fine..... but you're buying".

Crispy Chilean Sauvignon Blanc ( kinda dig the unique choice of wine glass )

Star*Noodle has a nice contemporary decor....something Maui is lacking and I like it. It reminded me of the simple and classy restaurants I blogged about back in October when I was in Australia and New Zealand!
( FYI- sorry about the "grainy" iphone pics )

Small plates.....
Namasu.....This is a classic dish in Hawaii. You can find different versions of Namasu at fine restaurants, supermarkets and even at 7-11. I love's a vegan's perfect starter plate.
( pickled carrots + daikon + cucumber = yummo )
Only $4
Beautifully roasted local Ali'i Mushrooms
( with minced radish and ginger, lemon and scallions )
Pad Thai ( shared with Carlos )
This is supposed to be served with fish sauce, chicken, shrimp and eggs. However, the chef kindly omited these for me and added a ton of local mushrooms instead.
$12 ( this was a big plate and easy to share! )

Carlos also had an unpictured Miso Salmon...unfortunately he inhaled it before I could grab a pic....I promise you it was very pretty, charbroiled in it's yummy Su-Miso Sauce.
$9's the dealio....Star*Noodle just opened. It is located in a risky area ( an undeveloped shopping and residental area in Lahaina Mauka ) However, the word is spreading fast amoung locals and the food is fab.
As for vegetarian selections...the menu falls short. However, I talked to the bartender about this and apparently that will be changing soon. They will also be adding a "Late Night" menu which I think is key for the after dinner crowd  ( 10pm )  I can't tell you how many places in town would benefit if they did this as well....locals love to go and get drinks and food after work ( most of Front St shuts down at 10pm ) and very few places offer both.
Anyway......looking forward to trying Star*Noodle again ( with on a real date )

OMG-A whole deli case dedicated to "Surfing Goat!"
Seriously? O.M.G. case you haven't figured out what I'm freaking out about it is this...WHOLE FOODS FINALLY OPENED ON MAUI!!!!!
Now.....I understand that for all you "Mainlanders" this is hardly a big deal but let me just tell you this....I've been waiting for this day for over 11 yrs! I'm so frigging excited I can hardly contain myself...

Bad timing.......Once upon a time I used to have a lot more $$$....I also use to live about 15 minutes from this location....However, This is no longer the case :-( 
It's okay though....I now have a HUGE incentive to work even harder! Until then...I'll just spend my days off stalking the cheese deli in hopes that someone will feel sorry for me and just offer me a part time job.
( I swear....I'd be the BEST cheese salesperson ever! )'s what I left with.
A $10 salad from the most fabulous salad bar I've ever seen....worth every friggin penny!
( mixed Kula greens, babaganoush, olives, artichokes, dolmas ( OMG! ) white kidney beans, tomatoes, cilantro, roasted garlic ( OMG! ) and a vegan lemon dressing...DIVINE!
And my weekly juicing ingredients....

This was Carlos's first ever Whole Foods experience....I swear, I think he was is a trance....absolutely mesmerized!

Speaking of juice! I accidently made a juice that tasted exactly like an "Orange Julius" ( We had these back in So. Cal ..... does the rest of the Mainland have Orange Julius??? )

Healthy "Orange Julius"

1 peeled orange
1 peeled cucumber
3 carrots
1/3 lemon
1 Tb lacuma
1 tsp Maca

Place all in juicer and done.... AB! FAB!

Anyone at all curious what I noshed on today??? Well here you go...
Sarma's kick ass Valentine Shake ( I'm obsessed! )

The Honokowai Farmer's Market Hot Bar
"Vegetarian Stuffing"

Dunno yet.....

As for the gym.......
45 min elliptical and 200 crunches
I've been pretty consistent all week....lots of treadmill, elliptical and ab work.
FYI-The weather is shit.....sorry, but March in Hawaii sucks. I'm just saying.......cold, rain and wind. EVERY YEAR.....
Trust me.

Okay...I think that's all the important stuff for now....
Oh wait! The Oscars....

Love Jeff Bridges
George Clooney is hot.....not that that's new news.
Happy to not see Angelina and Brad. You guys bug me.
Love Steve Martin
Loved Sandra Bullock's dress...
Hated the chick from Avatar's purple nightmare....
10 movies up for Best Picture?? Lame
FYI-Carlos made me watch "District 9" last night....eww... gross, graphic and how the hell did it make that list??

Okay, I'm outta here.
Aloha :-)

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