Saturday, March 20, 2010


Sorry to be so out of touch lately but the truth is there has not been much to report these days.....
First of all, I'm terribly broke. Second, because of that all of my meals have been pretty repetitive and a bit boring. Third, I'm lazy.

Anyway, that being said ( and on a more positive note) I have been keeping up with my running and I have even surfed a few times over the last few days.

Today was a work day but I was able to leave a bit early and get in the water. We have our first real south swell in town and everyone was pretty stoked :-) Hoping it sticks around for a few days......

Pretty unusal Breakfast for me today....

And then BFF brought in some interesting Chestnut Japanese mini pastries...

And then I proceeded to nosh on a mini chocolate croissant from the "Welcome Station" at work.
I don't know whats up with me but I've been so hungry in the morning....Maybe it's from running?

Typical Lunch
cottage cheese
kidney beans
chick peas
Italian dressing

Pre-Surf snack

Ak-Mak crackers, Goat Brie and Ancho Pepper Jelly.

And then off to town for surf and ono grinds....

Then Carlos took me out for dinner at Bamboo Bar and Grill right next to our surf break.

I ordered 2 Veggie Rolls and a Stoli Blueberry Vodka and Soda....

Carlos ordered everything else on the menu.....
"Rainbow Roll"
"Super Unagi"
"Spicy Ahi Maki"

Off to watch Food Inc. now.....happy we've already eaten.

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