Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day off...

Green Juice

2 oranges
1 cucumber
1 organic Granny Smith apple
1/2 local lemon
1/ bunch organic kale

Super windy day on Maui so instead of heading to the beach I took off for Kahalui to run some errands....

Quick stop at Whole Foods ( Obviously )

For a $10 salad.....
mixed greens
roasted red peppers
balsamic dressing
parm cheese
chick peas

I do have to say this.... in all honestly Whole Foods is not any more expensive than any other grocery store on this island.....The prices are pretty competitive with Safeway and it definitely beats many of the health food stores I shop at. Too bad it's so far from my house :-(
These are really good. I love the cacao nibs in them.

Dinner was something different. Carlos bought some Harissa Sauce from Lahaina Farms this week so I finally decided to make something with it.

Tofu Kabobs-vegan

red onions
lemon wedges
Harrisa Sauce

I don't use a lot of tofu these days because I think it's pretty processed but Kabobs just sounded good.  I found some nice extra firm sprouted organic tofu to use.
I pared them with some
Apricot Isreali Couscous-vegan

pearled coucous
chopped Italian Parsley
chopped dried apricots
lemon zest
sea salt
red pepper flakes

and some Tzatziki-vegetarian

thick Greek yogurt ( like Fage 2%)
sea salt
white cracked pepper

Not bad:-)
I also had 2 glasses of Monkey Bay Sauv Blanc....

See you tomorrow!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunshine Awards

I just want to take a minute to thank Erin at "Travel, Eat, Repeat" for nominating me for a Sunshine Award. Erin's currently travelling through Australia and New Zealand and reading her blog has become a morning routine for me these days.... Yes, I'll be honest.....I'm the chick who lives in Hawaii but spends her days daydreaming about moving to Oz.....The grass is always greener isn't it?

So, To spread the love I will go ahead and nominate my 12 favorite blogs....
( This was a hard choice for me because there are so many GREAT blogs out there! )

The Rules...
1.Put the logo on your blog in your post.
2.Pass the award onto 12 bloggers.
3.Link the nominees within your site.
4.Let the nominees know that they received this award by commenting on their blog.
5.Share the love and link to the person to who you received this award.

1. Eat, Live, Run - I've been reading Jenna's blog for over a year now and it's been so fun reading about her move from Tampa, Florida to the Somona Wine Country.
2. The Hungry Yogini-Courtney (another Florida girl) is currently studing abroad in Paris, France. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful food. Thanks again for the inspiration Courtney :-)
3. Pastries and Bacon - I love Melissa's blog about eating well in Los Angeles. Melissa found my blog months ago and we became quick friends. Check out her adorable new puppy "Kihei"!
4. Kath Eat Real Food - I love Kath's approach to eating well. All of her dishes look amazing and her photography is stunning!
5. Tales From the Motherhood-Wendy is a friend of mine from Highschool. She writes a hilarious blog about raising three kids as well as recounting her days as a teenage actress in Hollywood. She literally makes me laugh out loud. Thanks Wendy.
6. Sweetly Raw-Heather is a raw vegan chef who loves to travel. Check out her blog....her raw vegan desserts are absolutely amazing!
7. Inspire 2 Act-Lori's blog was the first blog I started reading about 2 years ago. She's a raw vegan living in Southern Cal raising two great kids. Her posts are always very real and inspirational.
8. Plato's Plate-Amanda is another friend from Highschool who is currently living in San Diego. Amanda blogs about cooking, yoga and travelling. Her posts are always such a treat to read:-)
9. Carrots 'n' Cake- I love Tina's blog because she has such a balanced approach to working out and eating well. She also has the cutest Pug puppy that I just can't get enough of!
10. Oh She Glows-Angela's vegan inspired blog is awesome because it's so packed with amazing information. She also owns "Glo Bakery" where she makes a great selection of healthy energy bars!
11. Healthy Tipping Point. Caitlin is another Floridian who blogs about her vegetarian lifestyle and her training sessions. Caitlin is a marathon runner who just completed her first Triathlon. So cool!
12. Kristen's Raw- Kristen is a successful raw vegan chef in Arizona who is also an author of several raw vegan cookbooks. At the moment Kristen is also pregnant and it's been so cool reading about her journey!

Thanks again everyone:-)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Closing Time

Nothing like banana soft serve for breakfast ......
First, I whipped up 2 frozen bananas with a bit of cinnamon, vanilla and agave extract in the Vita-Mixer. Next, I topped this with some Hemp and Flax seed Granola.

Bit of a drizzily morning on the west side of Maui but like they say...."No Rain, No Rainbows"

Short day today at the office but before I left, I made myself a quick veggie sammie for lunch.
whole wheat bread
Iceberg lettuce
sharp cheddar ( really good )
red onions
Italian dressing

I'm not sure what the deal is but my tonsils are bothering me again....It's not
the VOG so maybe it's stress and lack of sleep? I've been dealing with a major case of insomia all week too?
Anyway, I headed to Wailuku this evening to grab something from my house that will be closing escrow on Monday....It was so strange going over there. I have not been on the property in over a year and a half....
I have a lot of mixed feeling about the sale of this home....First of all, I'm happy it's over with and I can finally close this chapter of life. However, it was really sad to see the house, the flower beds and the now fully grown palm trees in my yard. I miss my cat, Dixie. I lost her in my divorce too and part of me expected her to run up to the sliding glass door when I peered inside the empty space. I wonder where she is now? I hope she's fat and happy......

The last few years have been very hard on me. I hope better days are finally around the corner. Going through a brutal divorce in the middle of this incredible recession has been absolutely crushing. I look the at the wrinkles around my eyes and some gray hair and I wonder if they would be here already if none of this had ever happen.

Anyway, New Years Resolution #9.   Check.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Aloha! Nothing like starting the morning with an annual OBGYN appointment. Fun times! I know they say it's only necessary once every 3 years but I like to keep on it......( unlike the dentist ). I'm so inspired by checking off my own list of medical appointments in 2010 that I let Carlos know that I will be making him dental and medical check up appointments when I get to work tomorrow morning.......
Me: "You are going to the doctors and the dentist because you are almost 40 and I'm worried about you...."
Carlos: "Ummm okayyyyy"
Me: "So next Tuesday should be good for you right??
Carlos: "Ummm sure...."
Me: "Awesome, I'll let you know what time. Don't worry, I'll go with you........"
Carlos: "That's great Amanda"

He loves me I swear.....

After "Maui Medical" I made myself a HUGE Green Juice!!
1 bunch organic Kale
2 organic Granny Smith Apples
1 whole local cucumber
1/2 local lemon
Place all in Juicer.....makes about 18 oz!

Light Lunch

mmmmm Vegetarian Organic Dolmas and local lemon.
Banana Soft Serve Sunday.... -  raw vegan
2 frozen bananas in Vita-Mixer, agave, and vanilla extract until wipped.
Chocolate Sauce: mix of agave, vanilla, sea salt, and raw cocao
Strawberry Sauce: strawberries blended with 1 packet of Stevia

This didn't suck...... 

Then a short shopping trip to the Honokowai Farmer's Market
( Almost bought those Cremini Mushrooms.....maybe tomorrow. Yum! )

Look at those beautiful local Olowalu Tomatoes :-)

I bought some sweet white Kula Maui corn
and some Maui green onions.
to use with these....

I decided to make a Asian inspired cold Green Bean Salad with a mixture of these ingredients...

rice wine vinegar
sesame oil
blue agave
local lime
Thai Dragon chilies from my garden


Toss dressing with blanched green beans and marinate in the fridge for several hours..

I served my Green Bean Salad with Basmati rice, black sesame seeds and Bill Granger's inspired Corn and Ginger Soup ( 11/4/10 post )

"So good, it's good for you......"

Back to work in the a.m. Ciao!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday = Farmer's Markets

Always so many little things to take care of on my day off.....I had to run to Lahaina to take care of some errands this morning and on the way home I stopped at the Farmer's Market in Honokowai for their famous Acai Bowl!

frozen Acai Berry
frozen mixed berries
local apple banana
flax seed granola

This was delish! But, it was $5.99. I'm thinking I could make this myself at home for a few bucks less. I spied a tub of Sambazon Acai Powder at the store too. I'm debating on making the investment. Any one try this before?

I also stopped at this cute new Farmer's Market stand right next to the Sugar Cane Train Station in Ka'anapali....I scored a bunch of yummy stuff for only $13.50

I purchased...
green beans

Can't wait to make something with those beans :-)

For lunch Carlos and I decided to head back to the Farmer's Market in Honokowai to check out their hot bar.
I had two mini ( about 4" each ) Vegan Burritos made with black beans, corn, rice, tomatoes and taco seasoning. I doused these with Hana Pineapple and Lime hot sauce! So good! No need for cheese or sour cream!

I dragged myself to the gym today.....honestly, I reeeaaallly didn't want to go but I knew I would feel better if I did.
30 minutes Elliptical
200 ab crunches

Good thing I have a ton of things to distract me while I'm at the gym ( Palm Trees, surf, humpback whales breaching, Entertainment Tonight, Anderson Cooper, Ipod, Australian Food mags etc.)

Baby Bouganvilla

Italian Basil

mini Maui shell collection

baby lettuce

Sorry...Just some random pics of my backyard about an hour before sunset. My favorite time of the day :-) Nothing like Spring at latitude 21 N.

Dinner was a repeat from last week but oh....so good!

Thai Basil


Perfect homemade Red Thai Curry....I'm a genius.

With Basmati Rice and Cilantro ( Coriander )