Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Aloha! Busy weekend over here! Not only was it the Super Bowl ( I'm happy for the Saints!! ) but it was also Carlos's birthday so I have a lot of yummy eats to talk about:-) But first, I want to brag about my hot boyfriend for a quick second.....

 Last year, Carlos set a goal to get into the best shape of his life before his 40th birthday. He figured that was 2 yrs away so if he really worked on it he would have plenty of time...He had gained about 30 pounds since we started dating back in 2006 and was pretty unhappy with the number on the scale. He's a large framed 6'2" but he felt he was holding way to much weight around his middle at 236 lbs. So to reverse this gain he made a solid effort all year to trim back to his pre-girlfriend stats.

So guess what!

 On Saturday ( his 39th birthday ) he jumped on the scale and clocked in at a lean 208 lbs :-) I'm so proud of him! All of those green juices and hefty salads really paid off!

So, How did he do this? Well, to drop almost 30 pounds Carlos first cut wayyyyyy back on his meal sizes. He also decreased his intake of beer, sweets and creamy pastas while increasing his intake of vegetables and grains like quinoa and couscous. Carlos is currently eating a high vegetarian diet with a protein emphasis of fish ( esp. Salmon and Ahi Sashimi ) nut butters and eggs but very little red meat and dairy........Anyway, he's pretty stoked and so am I :-)

So, to splurg this weekend we went to two of our favorite places to get cheap eats on Maui, "Thai Chef" and Bamboos Bar and Grill"!

"Thai Chef" on Friday Night....
Veggie Spring Rolls with lettuce leaves, cucumber and sweet dipping sauce ( I split this with Carlos) These are the best!
And my favorite ( vegan- no shrimp paste ) Green Papaya Salad on island for a "Main" and some unpictured Jasmine rice....yum!

"Thai Chef"'s in downtown Lahaina and it's BYOB :-) It's a must try if you are on Maui and love Thai!

Then Carlos chose "Bamboos Bar and Grill" for his Birthday feast on Saturday....

I started with an appetizer of Tofu Summer Rolls ( rice noodles, tofu, lettuce, bean sprouts, rice noodle wrappers ) with a peanut dipping sauce followed by 2 VeggieSushi  Rolls ( avocado, carrots, cucumbers )

I also had 2 unpictured Lemon Vodkas and Soda instead of wine for a change....

 Here's Carlos's choices ( from the carnivore part of the menu )
Fried Chicken with a salt and pepper rub and fresh lime juice ( FYI-He LOVES these!!)
Korean BBQ Chicken with sweet dipping sauce
Thai Chicken Salad ( a "Taste of Lahaina" winner! ) This was Carlos's first time having this and he raved about it!

and Seafood Rice Noodles ( yes, the boy can eat! )
This is our friend Richard who shared the evening of gluttany with us...
We don't know this guy ( on the left ) but he wanted a picture with Carlos before playing pool hahaaa....
I love Bamboos! It's sort of "divey" but the food is awesome and the locals are always friendly:-)

Then Carlos wanted his "Birthday Cake" so we went to "Coldstone" so he could get a himself a $10 ice cream....
He ordered a large Chocolate Mint ice cream with white chocolate chips mixed in topped with chocolate sauce in a chocolate dipped waffle cone ( I ordered nothing and just watched...I was way too full from dinner) I don't know where he puts it all but he ate the entired thing!
Hahaaa! He passed out soon after this....Hopefully he didn't gain all his weight back after this night ( wink )
See y'all soon! Aloha :-)


  1. Oo what an amazing collection of eats! The sushi looks so good- I'm a sucker for good sushi :)

  2. Congrats to Carlos on reaching his goal!
    Man, I find it hard to keep a stable focus on maintaining weight while in a relationship. It doesn't help that my bf and I both LOVE food so our dates tend to revolve around new restaurants, bars and cooking classes. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love doing this stuff but it does take a toll on the waist line.

  3. All of that food looks SO good... I am hungry!

    I noticed you haven't had much goat cheese lately....accident or planned? I have been trying to avoid cheese just to see how I feel but broke down and bought some goat cheese the other day.

  4. Hey Amanda:-) No, it's totally not planned. The only place I'll buy goat cheese on Maui is at Costco because other wise it's CRAZY $$$. I usually buy 3 large packs of it when I do and I ran out awhile ago....Kahalui seems so far away from my house but we are super due for Costco trip! I miss my goat cheese :-(