Saturday, February 27, 2010


The famous surf reporter...Guy Hagi

Aloha :-)
Wierd morning over here in the islands......I actually woke up at 6 am to the sound of our tsunami sirens blaring from across the street from my house. At first I thought I was just dreaming but then I heard my phone ringing too...

Then.... my cell service died...(great)...So, I connected my cable to find out what the hell was going on.

Oh, I also made a juice....
Green Juice

2 cups Maui Gold pineapple
1 Granny Smith apple
4 cups of kale
1/2 lemon

Holy crap this was good!

Anyway, back to the tsunami......

I didn't really know what to do at this point? I had to work but I work on the beach so I didn't know if I should go in or not? The waves were suppose to start hitting us at 11:26 so I figured I had time.
This is the scene at 7:45 am across the street from my house. It's the Kapalua airport and it looked as if people were already trying to find higher ground. ( but I was driving to my beach front office like an idiot of course )

Once I arrived I quickly figured out that we were closed....Duh. Really?
( So much for my freshly blow dried hair and make-up.....ahhhhhhh )

As I rushed back to my car the hotel's P.A. system was announcing instructions for the hotel's guests. I also found out they were closing all the roads...Shi#!

I made it home in time so we decided to head to our friend's house up the road.  Our house is in the "Tsunami Evacuation Zone" ( according to the Maui County phone book.....) so better safe than sorry I guess.....

Not to worry...Taj came too.

Our tsunami rations....

Our hosts Steveo and Crystal watching KITV news Honolulu.

Taj and Onyx checking out the scene...

Live shot shortly after 11:30 of Hilo Bay as the water began to recede....Can you tell the difference?

Now look at it! The water was rushing out sooooo fast! It was crazy!
Then, it would rush back in!

 This went on for about 2 hours. It was soooooo bizarre to watch!

Anyway, looks like we dogged the bullet this time. I'm sure we'll find out more tonight when reports come in from across the state.....strange day in Hawaii.

Our tsunami today was generated by a 8.8 magnitude earthquake over 6,000 miles away.....Looks like Chile is in for a long haul. So very sad.........I'm sure we'll all find out a lot more about this devestating quake over the next few days......Hoping for the best right now.

Aloha oe....


  1. I am glad you are ok! I thought about you yesterday! so scary!

  2. It's all good...thanks for the concern though:-)

  3. Glad things are okay by you -- it was supposed to hit here and we had a tsunami warning but it didn't, although we have a week straight of rain to look forward to. What a crappy week to be at the beach!

  4. Thanks Erin, Sorry about the rain ( we have a week ahead us of rain on Maui too :-(......It if makes you feel any better it rained on us almost the whole month we were in OZ and NZ in Sept/Oct bummer ( good thing for great food and wine! lol! )
    Anyway...Woolworths has a pretty yummy inexpensive deli in Byron...Can't get enough of that creamy feta!!!

  5. I'm a bit new to the juicing life. Are you using a Vita Mix to make your Green Juice or a juicer? Thanks!

  6. Glad everything turned out OK with you! Scary! On a lighter note, your tsunami juice looks delicious.

  7. I used a Breville Juicer to make my green juices :-)