Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Surf, Stars and Guavas.....

Aloha! Pretty night out here on Maui. We just got back from a short walk to the beach across the street from our house. It's warm tonight with a slight breeze and there is no moon so you can see a million stars including the Milky Way.  Molokai was pretty obvious across the channel and you could even see the low haze of Honolulu's bright lights on the far horizon....Yes, it doesn't suck living on Maui sometimes.


I was off from work today so I went surfing asap......

Pohaku Park "S-Turns" in Kahana

The waves were actually much bigger than this but I was too impatient to wait for the sets to take a picture...sorry lol.

After my 2 hour surf, I headed to the Farmer's Market in Honokowai and treated myself to their Hot Bar for lunch.
BBQ Tofu and Brown Rice....
I don't eat much tofu these days but this was pretty good:-) Change is good sometimes...

In the late afternoon, Carlos and I headed up to Kapalua again for a 2 hour game of Frisbee Golf. It was pretty hot up there today but the smell of guava in the air made up for that of course.

For Dinner, We decided to test out some frozen Crave Samosas that I bought from the Farmer's Market in Honokowai earlier this week. 
These were amazing! I was totally impressed! I will buy these again for sure :-)
We sauteed some Mushrooms...

1 small container of white mushrooms
1 Tb real organic butter
squeeze of lemon
salt and pepper to taste

We also made a side salad of organic mixed greens, grape tomatoes, Annie's Goddess Dressing and Mango Chutney to balance out the starches.

and I had a glass of one of my faves ....Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc :-)

Full and happy now!

Crashing early tonight....I'm off tomorrow too so see ya'll soon.


  1. That BBQ tofu looks pretty amazing.