Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Running errands...Maui style.

So windy today!!! So much for surfing.....oh well, at least I was able to get some much needed errands done on the other side of the island :-)

First things first...
Carrot Beet Juice

3 large organic carrots
2 local oranges
1.5" local fresh ginger
1 small local organic beet

Then I was off to Paia....
Coconut Palms, outside of Baldwin Beach taken from the Hana Highway ( I was stuck in traffic....nice )
Sugar Cane

Flatbread Pizza in Paia ( This place rocks! )

Baldwin Ave in Paia, this little northshore town always makes me happy...
( except parking is a bitch )

This was my destination this afternoon...
Good 'ol no frills "Mana Foods" on Baldwin Ave. Paia Town.
I LOVE this place....I seriously could spend hours in here just checking everything out.....too much fun stuff for the health conscious foodie!

Raw Vegan Deli....everything looked fantastic.

Check out the young coconuts lining the floor:-)

Beautiful but $$$.....

I actually went to Manas to grab some staple dry goods and condiments but as you can see it's easy to get distracted:-) I practiced a lot of self control today.....( look at those heirlooms! )

My Bounty
4 boxes of organic almond milk
2 boxes Ak-Mak crackers
soba noodles
pitted kalamata olives
organic tamari
organic evoo
organic sunflower oil
Forbidden rice ( black rice )
Total Damage: $57.79 ouch....

After that, I drove up the highway a bit to check out Ho'okipa Beach Park. I over heard some people talking about how messy the waves were and how nobody was surfing OR even kiting...That's rare for the famous Ho'okipa breaks ( fyi....Ho'okipa scares the crap out of me....I'll only surf it on a dying swell. I've seen wayyyyy too many rogue waves here....I'm too old for that these days. )


pretty color water though.....

Okay, hungry stop, "Alive and Well Natural Foods" for veggie sushi :-)

Perfect, exactly what I wanted...nummy!
Veggie Sushi

brown rice

Paia is over an hour from my home so I didn't get home until late afternoon. Traffic was really bad coming into Lahaina Town ( west Maui ) because they are in the middle of widening the road ( long over due! ) So, by the time I got home my gym plans flew out the window....oh well, no biggie.... I got a pretty good workout yesterday surfing and playing frisbee golf I think :-)

Pre Dinner Snack


mixed local organic green lettuce
grape tomatoes
Annie's Goddess dressing
1 Fabulous Flats whole wheat naan

Back to work

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  1. Delurking...I love your blog. I lived on Maui when I was young (right up the road from Ho'okipa beach on the grounds of the old higschool & in Haiku). Most recently we were for my sister's wedding (she got married at the Blue Tile house). Reading your blog is "almost" lke being back there. What a great place to be. We are hoping to come for a visit this year, my sister currently lives in Honolulu (though we'd meet on Maui, because there is no place better!). Thanks for the pictures. I also like reading about your eats...encourages me to keep up my healthy eating.