Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rainy "Monday"

I'm sooooo sore and I'm not really sure why?? Was it from surfing yesterday? From the gym? Frisbee golf?? Who knows but I ended up doing very little physical activity after work thanks to that and the pouring down rain! Too bad too because we have a nice north swell filtering into our reefs at the moment. However, thanks to "Victory at Sea" conditions I'm dry docking myself for the day.

I was craving a creamy milkshake this morning so I made a yummy frothy Green Smoothie to take to work with me....
Spinach Smoothie
4 cups spinach
2 frozen bananas
1 cup almond milk

Lunch was my usual....
Unpictured-cottage cheese, 2 slices of whole wheat bread and tomatoes from the "free" cafeteria.

After work, I did a quick shopping trip for produce at the Honokowai's Farmer's Market for some juicing staples ( they were out of Kale...bummer )
4 small organic beets
1 bunch local organic mint
4 organic Anjou pears
5 organic large Granny Smith apples
4 Honey bananas
2 lb bag of organic carrots
2 lemons
4 organic Navel oranges
3 packets of Raspberry Emergen-C

Then, I made a really early Dinner around 5pm for myself ( Carlos is working tonight )
Spinach and Feta Pizza
1 whole wheat "International Fabulous Flats" Naan bread ( frozen )
1 tsp Macadamia Nut oil drizzled on Naan
1/4 cup organic feta
1 cup spinach
1 Tb pine nuts
squeeze of lemon juice

Bake at 400 for about 8 minutes. Done!
I really liked the random touch of lemon I added.  Anyway, I ate half of this and saved the rest for Carlos....

It's my "Monday" so I'm going to try and make this an early night tonight....So, until tomorrow.... Aloha:-)


  1. Hey Amanda, so glad you commented on my blog and made mention of being in Hawaii. I'm traveling there at the end of March by myself and would love any guidance on where to go/tips, etc... Sort of an inner exploration. Im thinking about checking out a few of the raw food permaculture centers, and a few yoga centers, Any thoughts? Thanks so much!
    Amazing photography on your blog!
    Take care

  2. That spinach smoothie looks yummy! Do you use a Vita Mix blender?

  3. Yes, I did use my Vita Mix and I froze my fresh spinach the night before to make it even creamier :-)

  4. Love the pizza idea! I always use whole wheat pita but Naan sounds great! Thanks.