Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rain Again....

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but unlike the Mainland west coast, Hawaii has been experiencing a very dry winter this year. I swear, I think I might be able to count the raining days we have had this season on one hand.... However, if you don't remember... it poured on my days off last week and now the same thing is happening this week :-( blah!!!! Just my luck right?
Anyway, So that being said, Carlos and I spent 5 hours at Barnes and Nobles yesterday! I think I read through every single magazine I could have possibly thought of and it cost me $0. Nice:-) Then, after that, we went to a friends house and watched Michael Jackson's "This is It".  "This is It"  is a Doc on what would have been his upcoming tour...So sad it never happened, Michael seemed to be a lot more "with it" than the media had portrayed him over the last few years. I feel so bad for everyone that was involved with the show too. The back up singers and dancers were absolutely amazing.....

Anyway, Here was Breakfast....
"Banana Oatmeal"
rolled oats
almond milk
1 local banana
peanut butter
hemp seeds

1/2 small Kona coffee from Hawaii Village Coffee

Lunch ( at Starbucks-Barnes and Nobles )
small "Caprese Panini"
herbed focaccia bread
roasted tomatoes

This was "okay". I really liked the filling but for some reason the bread had a bit of a wierd "fake" aftertaste...not the biggest deal though because I was hungry and I didn't have many vegetarian options at the deli.

Simple Salad
mixed organic greens
local tomatoes
Annie's "Goddess Dressing"
1/2 of a whole wheat "Fabulous Flats" Naan
So, that was my lazy Tuesday.....I didn't make it to the gym so I plan on fitting that in some time today. Looks like rain again, bummer :-(


  1. Thats my favorite dressing ever!

  2. i see Annie's dressing everywhere on food blogs but have yet to check it out! sorry about all of the rain :( and you should totally move to FL.. though the weather here hasn't been too nice either =[ lots of rain/ cold fronts that randomly come through. Have a great night!

  3. I saw 'this is it' and I could not believe what an amazing dancer MJ was. The media portrayed hime as if he had just lost it and I found quite the opposite to be true. Great documentary.
    PS going to B& N is one of my favorite things to do!