Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Happy Tuesday ( or in my case...Saturday ) I'm happy to report that I have clear skies on my day off :-) So to celebrate that, I headed to the beach with a Bill Bryson book ( hilarious.)
Before I headed out I made one of these....

Carrot Beet Juice
4 carrots
1 small beet
1.5" fresh local ginger
2 oranges

and then stopped at Hawaiian Village Coffee for one of these....
Mighy Leaf's Vanilla Bean Tea:-)

I moved to Maui 11 years ago today....I remember discovering this Lahaina beach shortly after that. Well, everything about this beach today looks the same as it did back then except for me of course....I was 22, Baywatch blond and about 30 pounds heavier.

You know that saying "No regrets, only lessons learned." Ha! Ya right!....I regret a lot of things I did over the last 11 years ( including going blond for awhile ) however, there is one thing I will always be proud of and that is moving to Maui....all by myself.... on Feb 9th 1999. No regrets there :-)

In the spirit of my anniversary I walked over to the Lahaina Cannery Mall for lunch at the food court. The first year on island I didn't have a car so I had to ride my bike everywhere ( until my bike got stolen ) Anyway, I would eat at the cannery all the time because it was close to my apartment and cheap!
I had a yummy Vietnamese Veggie Sandwitch from "Balle" for only $4.17 with tax!! Woo hoo for cheap eats!

French bread
pickled carrots and daikon
sweet shoyu sauce
( hold the mayo )
Then I smothered it in hot shiracha sauce ( obviously )!

Feels like 1999 :-)

Anyway, when my man got off work we decided to head up to Kapalua for another round of Frisbee Golf ( let me tell you....it's sort of addicting and I'm actually getting kind of good at it now?! ) Besides that, it's a pretty great workout and it's outdoors.....not bad huh? Plus, Carlos thinks I'm the coolest girlfriend ever now....( which could come in handy someday )

Dinner-Outback Steakhouse, Lahaina
Being the lazy frisbee golfers that we are, we decided to go out to eat again instead of cook ( been doing this a lot lately....must stop this soon )
I had 1 glass of gross Pinot Grigio
and a roll of complimentary "Outback" bread ( love this stuff! )
and my usual....Chopped Pecan and Blue Cheese Crumble Salad:-) Nummy nums!

And for Dessert......
"US Weekly" at "Barnes and Nobles" next door....hahaaaa
I need at least one vice right???
xo xo

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  1. Great book *and* great food!

    And we all need a trashy mag fix every now and then. They're my guilty gym-reading treat. ;)