Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cold Front in Da Islands

It was coldddddd here today! I swear! We only had a high of 73 and the chilly north wind was blowing hard! Brrrrr......I seriously walked around work all day wrapped up in my Pashima.
(FYI-You know you must have issues when you live on Maui and spend the day dreaming about Bora Bora....)

I had an early "Lunch" around 10:30 am of my usual....
Free whole wheat toast, tomatoes and cottage cheese....I'm a bit addicted. To be honest, I have not eaten cottage cheese in years because I always thought that I was too lactose intolerant to do so. Guess what! No issues??!....I'm pretty stoked! Does this mean I can eat frozen yogurt too?? Baby steps...... 

It was pretty slow today so I got to bail out of work by 2pm :-) Good thing too...I had lots of errands to run including trying to figure out what to get the Argentine for his birthday this Saturday...Why are guys sooooo hard to shop for?

I also stopped for a few groceries....
2 bunches of organic kale
4 ears Kula white corn
local bananas
3 romaine hearts
grape tomatoes
4 local lemons
baby organic spinach
Green and Black's organic cocoa powder
2 large organic Granny Smith apples
green onions
Folic Acid
Total Damage: $45.37 spent at Safeway and Honokowai's Farmer's Market

Next stop: Gym ( FYI-I really need to get back in the ocean and paddle when the surf is down....)
30 mins elliptical machine level 7
3 sets of 10 shoulder press ( 10 lbs )
2 sets of 20 tricep extensions ( 25 lbs )

Giant Salad
1 small local avocado
1 cob of Kula white corn
handful of grape tomatoes
black sesame seeds

An encore from the other night.....
Banana Softserve
2 frozen bananas
1/2 Tb raw agave syrup
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
( made in Vita Mixer )
Chocolate Sauce
mixture of raw agave syrup and unsweetened cocoa powder

Pretty damn good and very frozen yogurt like!

Anyway, something weird happened the other night....I suddenly have noooooo desire for any sort of alcohal? I love wine but over the last month I have noticed that I've been wanting it less and less? Then on Monday I went out with some of my co-workers and had 3 glasses of Pinot Grigio over the course of 5 hours and woke up the next day feeling like hell? So, I'm going to lay off the booze for now I guess... ( Birthdays, Superbowls and Holidays permitting possibly? ) but anyway....wierd?
I'm hoping to make this an early night tonight...Aloha:-)


  1. Gosh, you must have been freezing! ;)

    Whenever you're cold this weekend, just think of the 24 inches of snow about to be dumped on DC. haha

  2. Ya trust me....I'm the first one to call myself pathetic hahaa! Pardon me while I go sit my butt on the equator. Stay warm:-)!

  3. YUM that dessert looks SOO good! You are very creative!