Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Top 10

Ice Cream for breakfast? Sure, why not!
Well, it wasn't exactly "ice cream" but I think it just might be the next best thing:-)
Banana Softserve
2 frozen bananas
1 Tb raw agave syrup
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
all thrown in the Vita Mixer
Then I tossed some raw cocao nibs on top...delish!

Coconut wireless was calling for small kine waves in town so I grabbed my 7'8" fun board and headed south for a little much needed surf session.
Puamana Park just south of Lahaina
That would be the island of Kahoolawe in the back ground.......
Lots of Humpback Whales out today....I could hear them singing underwater. So cool!

After about 2 hours the wind turned onshore so I headed back north and went to the gym....
40 Elliptical Machine level 7
200 Ab crunches
Chest Flys-3 sets of 12 ( 20 lbs )
Lat Pull down-3 sets of of 12 ( 25 lbs )
( I think I'm sore from frisbee golf yesterday?)

Then it was time for a quick lunch before doing errands around the house....
Simple Salad
golden raisins
black sesame seeds
Annie's Goddess dressing

and a "Stash" Moroccan Mint Green Tea

and then an early Dinner.....
Spinach Salad
dried cranberries
pine nuts
Dressing of Balsamic/evoo/agave syrup/pinch of salt

Roasted Asparagus

Lemon Couscous

Then something totally ridiculous Iphone died!! To be totally honest, I completely freaked out! I've only had  it about a month and I was already nervous about getting one thanks to my last MAC experience. Anyway, I had noooooo idea what to do? I couldn't call anyone ( duh...) and ATT is over an hour away in Kahalui! Considering I use this thing for EVERYTHING now I seriously almost started crying when I could not revive the blank black screen! Ahhhhhh!!!!!

So I then decided to google "my Iphone died".....

Oh boy......looks like I'm not alone regarding dead Iphones! But, I did stumbled upon a pretty awsome tid bit of advice...
"If your Iphone dies....flip the "ringer on/off" buttom twice, then hold down the "power" and "on" button for 6 seconds until the apple icon appears" 

Okay......So I did this and OMG .... It frigging worked!

Alright, get a "Get out of Jail Free Card" 


Now that my Iphone is up and running again I couldn't help but stop to ponder something.... I seriously froze with fear when I couldn't turn the damn thing on...What the hell is that all about? Am I that big of a slave to technology now?? I mean, I don't have a television or even a microwave so I thought that that meant that I was pretty low maintence but apparently I'm wrong......So what else can't I live without these days?? Well, I decided to make a little list.

10 Things I can't live without ( people and pets excluded...)

1.) My ceramic hair straighting iron.....Let me just remind you that I grew up in the great dry air of California and all I knew about humidity was that is really sucked ( according to my South Texas raised father.... ) Anyway, when I moved to Maui my hair suddenly had a mind of it's own. It's not exactly straight but you can't call it "wavy" either..... So instead, I just refer to it as puffy...and puffy hair is not the best look for a "work" day. Anyway, If it wasn't for the invention of ceramic straighting iron I think I'd be sporting a pixie cut.

2.) My Sony "Vaio" laptop.....Can you believe I went through most of college without a computer? Now granted, that was about 12 yrs ago but still! Computers scared the crap out of me and even today I'm a TERRIBLE typist. However, I live on this thing now......If you took it away from me I'd seriously throw myself on the floor and scream like a 3 yr old......not a good look for a women of 33.

3.) My "Vita Mix 5200".....At first, I could NOT believe I was spending $450 on a freaking blender....Trust me, 2 years later.....I'd spend $1,000.

4.) My "David Yurman" Diamond and Topaz ring- Because every proper women needs a large gaudy over the top $$$ piece of bling..... 
5.) My Breville cost me a fortune in produce but I seriously think my fruit and vegetable intake doubled when you came into my life. Mahalo.

6.) My "quiver".....These would be the 3 most important boards in my collection.
-my 6'4" Kechele Fish
-my 7'8" Valley Isle fun board
-my 11'6" Naish Stand up paddle board
My life changed when I became a surfer at 18 and I will be one until the day I die.

7.) Ever think that a book can change your life? Well these two changed mine....National Geographic's
"Blue Horizons" and Jocelyn Fujii's "Living Under the Hula Moon". I can't tell you how many hours I must have spent as a child savoring every photograph of the South Pacific in the first book. If you look at the cover you can see that it's been well loved. It documents all the major island groups in Polynesia and I was more than determined to see them all someday. Well, I have.... In fact, I stood in the same exact spot on the island of Bora Bora where the cover shot was taken. If you told me that when I was seven I think I would have passed out..... Talk about living your dreams.
The same goes for Fujii's, "Hula Moon". I found this book at a San Diego, Barnes and Nobles the year before I moved to Hawaii. It basically sealed the deal I made with myself as a someday move to a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Mission accomplished I guess.
8.) The country of Australia-I can't even begin to explain to you how important this place is to me. I keep waiting for Australia to call and make me their offical American spokeswomen. From Bondi Beach to the wineries of the Margaret River truly are the Land of Plenty.
9.) My Iphone....see above.

10.) My passport.....There is nothing I own that is more important to me than this little defines my life.....and how I will continue to live it.


  1. That's actually the trick to restarting an ipod that has died. That's saved me a couple of times from a freak out (since I tend to use my ipod a lot when painting).

    I wonder what I can't live out. I hate to think that I too am a "slave to technology" but when my internet is out....oh boy.

  2. I wish I had a vitamix. ahhh, someday.

    I also wish I had that ring! ...probably never.

  3. This is a great post. I am really in awe of your being gutsy and moving to Maui (and Samoa!?). I don't regret much in life but the one thing I regret most is not buying that little house in Kauai. Hopefully one day I will count myself among the lucky "Amanda's". :)
    I also can't wait to get my butt to Australia. My yoga instructor told me this morning that she is off to Australia on Monday for a few weeks. Ahh...vacation down under.