Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday is my Monday

Well today was my first "real" day on the job.....It was perfect actually because it was fairly slow ( thanks to the NFC and AFC Championship Games....I still have no idea who won? )
First of all....I think I got up wayyyyyy too early. So, I went to the health food store in Honokowai to grab a fresh Juice because I am currently out of Kale at the hale :-(

The guy accidentally made such a huge batch that I got 2, 16 ouncers! I only drank one and I totally forgot the other one at work ( It's still in the fridge ). I tried to give it to my new BFF but he's still freaked out by Green Juices....Anyway, Hopefully the second serving will be okay tomorrow???
This was really yummy and all organic!
Snack before my tour

Peanut Butter Larabar

Then after lunch

Check it out... BFF is eating salad! ( and pulled pork...eww ) He said that this is his "tired" look.

After work I went with Carlos to surf "Little Makaha" and I totally kooked out....I had one of the worst wipeouts of my life here about a year ago and decided to give it another go today ( since I felt like a total kook at work today too I figured what the hell )
Big mistake.......We have a large rising northwest swell filtering in at moment and I was spooked ( that actually means I was being a cranky whiny brat and should have just stayed on the sand )....... Sorry Carlos....bad day.

So I got out....
 but just in time to take a pic of the voggy sunset over Lanai ( yes, that's an island behind that haze....)

Time for a pau hana and cookie

FYI-Nana's Cookies are the bomb....I had about 1/3 because they are pretty big.

And a glass of my fave! New Zealand Sauvi!

Then this happened.....

Yes, thats a 8" Hawaiian Centipede crawling across my kitchen floor....must be my Monday. I'm going to go now so I can look for it's mate....awesome.
Aloha from latitude 21


  1. Does VOG happen more during a particular season? Or is it pretty much a can happen at any time type of thing.

    And all I know about the games is that the Jets lost. I personally don't follow football, but I currently have some very unhappy friends and family.

  2. Hi Katie:-)
    A new volcanic "vent" opened up on the Big Island about 2 yrs ago and it's been releasing a TON of sulfur dioxide into the air. Normally in Hawaii we have Trade Winds that blow the VOG south...However, we've been having a lot of Kona Wind conditions the last few months so the VOG gets pushed up over Maui and Oahu.
    It's hard to say how long this will continue so we'll just have to wait and see. It's really too bad :-(