Saturday, January 23, 2010


So I finally completed my 6 weeks of training and passed my big presentation yesterday! Thank goodness because I'm beat!! I'm also feeling a whole lot better ( physically ) and I'm ready to have a normal life again.....However, I did wake up this morning to some really bad voggy skies. I am crossing my fingers..... Pray for Trade Winds!

Last night I made something that is really worth mentioning...

My stepmom sent me some boxes of this around Christmas time and let me tell you this..."Tasty Bite's" Madras Lentils are awesome!
I really DIG Indian Food and I have to sadly admit that the only real Indian Food I've had on Maui is at my really good friend's house, The famous Mr. Snehal from Mumbai.
Sne's family is so sweet! They live in Chicago now and consistently send him boxes of fabulous homemade Vegetarian Indian food packed in dry ice on a regular basis! I'm obsessed with Mrs. Patel's homemade spicy cliantro chutney  and potato samosas ( don't worry ) I'm still working on Sne for the recipe...
To be continued of course!
Anyway, I was pretty stoked to get some boxes of this stuff. "Madras Lentils" are filling, creamy ( made with some dairy ) and sooooo easy to make! Just drop the heat proof pouch in boiling water for 5 minutes and that's it!

I served it with leftover Tabouli with Pecorino on greens, Garlic "International Fabulous Flats" Naan Bread and some really great Mango Chutney by "The Kitchen's of India"

Needless to say I was stuffed!
Carlos and I also had about 2 glasses of Babich New Zealand Sauv. Blanc

FYI- We went to an incredible Indian Restaurant in New Zealand this October and I'm STILL looking for those pics! It will be my goal this weekend to find them for y'all.

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