Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pantry Staple

Aloha! Just a quick post because I'm running out of time today....

"Fantastic Worlds Foods" Tabouli Salad

I lived on this stuff years ago and I have no idea why I quit making it? This stuff is awesome and super easy to throw together!
Basically you just boil some water and add it to the dry mix with some olive oil and lemon juice.  Then you throw it in the fridge for about an hour so that the Tabouli can soke up the liquid. After that, you can add whatever fixings you want. Pretty cool!

I added some fresh Italian Parsley from my garden and some tomatoes from Kapalua Farms. Typically I would throw in some Feta cheese as well but I'm out at the moment :-(

So I shaved some Pecorino on top instead...Easy, healthy and filling.

Update on my Cold/Flu.....
I'm still not 100%. I go through periods in the day where I feel okay and then at other times I just don't. It sucks and I pretty over it right now.....I'm ready to get back in the water, get back in the gym and stop coughing. This is lame. Blah.

I've been spending a fortune on these things...( Kale Lemonaid ) but I really think they are the best medicine I can take right now....
1 lb Kale
1/2 lemon
2 Granny Smith Apples
( in the juicer )

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