Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Rain....

One of my girlfriends works with Carlos and she sent him home with this last night :-)

How nice was that! She lives in Haiku ( Maui's North Shore ) and has a ton of mature fruit trees in her yard. She gave me some Lilikoi, Avocados and Hawaiian Oranges :-)
Thanks Amber!

Sort of a lazy day over here.....It rained all morning and afternoon so I kept myself busy doing things around the house.
I started my morning off with some Stash Chai Tea

and then a Green Juice of course...

Green Juice ( for 2 )
1 lb of organic Kale
2 extra large organic Granny Smith Apples
1/2 local lemon
1 large cucumber

Then loads of laundry, sweeping, scrubbing and emailing....
And since it was still raining, I figured it would be a good time to make some Pot Stickers to eat and freeze as well...

I threw fresh organic peas, extra firm organic tofu, sea salt and a Thai Dragon chili in the Cuisinart to form a simple filling. Sometimes, I'll steam these... but today I baked them in the oven until they were nice and crispy.

I also made a dipping sauce that consisted of Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, chopped cilantro, lime juice and chopped roasted peanuts...yum!
I shared this with Carlos....

I had to have dinner alone again this evening so I made a whole box of "Fantastic" Tabouli Mix ( so I would have extra for tomorrow ) and a simple side salad.

Tabouli Mix
I added...
Italian parsely
lemon juice

Simple Salad
organic mixed greens
golden raisins
black sesame seeds I said earlier, lazy day.....I didn't work out or even drive my car. I did house work, cooked and paid bills. People ask me all the time, "What's it like living on Maui??" Well, honestly it's probably not that different to how you live your life.....I have laundry to do, toilets to clean and house full of sand to keep me busy.  But yes, when it's nice's pretty great. However, this was not the case today....oh well.



  1. Ah well, here in SF we'll probably just get the rain ya'll are seeing in a few more days. But for one day at least, I guess we've got slightly better weather here. Finally stopped raining and it's partly sunny.

    Ok, so it's still better in Hawaii. I'll take an 80 degree cold front anyday.

    Nice blog and great comments and pics. Love the ones of the disc golf (I know exactly how you feel; have friends back in Michigan and Austin who are big on this and I'm always like "huh?") and Taj's cardbox box house. Love that one; I used to set up cardboard boxes (from cases of wine or beer, furniture, whatever's available) and my girlfriend's cat loved them and would hunker down in them ... well, at least until the girlfriend got the cleaning itch (which is near daily) and threw out the box. Poor Princey cat, always having her favorite hangouts demolished and taken away.

    Girlfriend's vegetarian (pescetarian actually) so I'll see what goodies you've come out with that I can pass along to her. Personally, I'm too addicted to charcuterie, glazed pork belly and kahlua pork to give up meat, but healthier (with a few indulgences) is always better!

    Wishing I was visiting the islands again. Aloha!

  2. Thank you for the nice comment Norm. I've often considered become a pescetarian myself but it's been hard for me to really make the jump. For some people giving up meat is just not an option and there is nothing wrong with that. My boyfriend loves his steak ( but loves his green juices and salads just as much ) It's all about balance right!
    Thanks for the Taj comment too...Cat's are great aren't they! Hope the weather is clearing in Cali...My mother's in Danville so I'm well aware of all the rain you've been getting! Stay dry! Aloha:-) A

  3. Danville; well you really are from just around the corner then. Nice for your mom to have an excuse to get out for visits!

    I'm kind of a newbie with respect to cats. My experience with them has been with the cats of my girlfriend or ex-girlfriends, and they've mostly been geriatric-ish cats who don't move much (or quickly) and just laze around and mosey by when it suits their mood. Except when I'm cooking bacon, which used to bring my girlfriend's cat at a half trot over to stand by my feet and wait expectantly for handouts. Even the cat liked bacon. Unfortunately, she passed away last summer from old age and failing organs; she had been on steroids and meds for awhile and I think her kidneys were pretty shot by the end. Princey cat lived with my girlfriend for over 10 years and traveled with her through 3 cities and all the way across the country, so it was hard on my girlfriend. I'm sure she'll eventually want another cat but she's not quite ready yet.

    Your boyfriend's Argentinian no? (Think I saw that somewhere). Definitely a beef culture there; my girlfriend is yearning to travel to see S.America / Argentina / Buenos Aires, and I've told her that she'll have to eat like a local when there and have steak -- we'll see if that happens. I love juices of all types, but I'm a bit lacking on the vegetables I'm afraid to admit. Grew up with 4 food groups (with fruits & vegetables lumped into 1 group) and the food pyramid, only to find out it was a creation of the meat/dairy industries and that there's really separate fruit and vegetable food groups. Thinking I could get by with mostly fruits instead of veggies...ooops. Like hearing news that the Brontosaurus never existed and wasn't a real dinosaur, this news on the food groups (just learned of the 6 food groups a few weeks ago) is just shattering the staples I grew up believing; so disappointing and demoralizing that it was all wrong!

    If you do decide to take the leap and try fish, I think it'll be easier to go with cooked fish (i.e. not sushi / sashimi) and ones that are a bit milder in flavor. Perhaps a good time to not overthink the food is going to Sansei on a Friday after 10 when they clear it out and break out the karaoke and 1/2 price appetizers / sushi (assume they're still doing that)? Your boyfriend can take down the entire menu while you dip your toe in the water by trying the miso glazed butterfish; it's both mild and light, and the miso flavor's probably something you're already acquainted with. Considering it's 1/2 price, that's probably my single most favorite thing to eat when I'm there.

    Actually, just thinking about that is making me hungry now. Time tends to go by quickly during an all nighter (need to finish a few years of back taxes tonight) and next thing you know 10 hours have gone by. Can't live on just tea and various teas alone. For today at least, pumpkin curry will be the new bacon and eggs.

    Enjoy the sun, sand, and smell of the air over there in Maui for us poor mainlanders. :-) Aloha!

  4. Mmmm made the potstickers and eating them for lunch right now. Baked to a crisp - sooooo freakin good.