Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long Sunday....

Busy day again and good thing I thought to bring something to eat because I missed lunch once again:-(
 I packed a mini sandwitch along my juice just incase I needed something to hold me over....
Carrot Beet Juice ( for breakfast )
4 carrots
1 small beat
2 small oranges
1" fresh local ginger

Mini Sandwitch ( mid day )
1 Oroweat Sandwitch Thin
1 Tb peanut butter
1/3 fresh local banana

After work, I was a little hungry so I wanted to make something to hold me over until dinner but not fill me up so I made "Banana Softserve" with Peanuts. This was a perfect snack for Carlos and I before we headed to Kapalua to play 2 hours of Frisbee Golf ( lol! I think I'm diggin this funny sport ) .
Banana Softserve ( 2 servings )
4 ripe frozen bananas
1 Tb agave syrup
1/2 tsp cinnamon
chopped peanuts

Blend in highspeed blender ( like a Vita Mixer ) until the consistency of softserve. SO easy!

I saw this very simple healthy recipe years ago on Dr. Andrew Weil's website ( but he used maple syrup ) as well as Gena's website at "Choosing Raw".
Anyway, very yummy and hard to believe there is no dairy involved!

After 18 holes of Frisbee I was too lazy to cook anything so we decided to head down to Bamboos in Lahaina for half off sushi! ( between 5-7pm )

Tofu Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce split with Carlos
2 Veggie Rolls ( avo, cucumber, carrots )
 Perfect :-)
I also had an unphotographed glass of cheap red wine....

Well, Sorry for the short post but I'm pretty beat. However, tomorrow is my Friday :-) Yey! See y'all soon!

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