Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lazy Sunday....

Well, last night Carlos and I took turns waking each other up with our hacking times. It's funny how much you appreciate good health when you get sick. I would give anything right now to be out surfing or paddling on the beautiful Sunday in Maui....

Lucky for me I guess I'm off from work..unfortunately for Carlos, I can't say the same. So, I'm taking it pretty easy again today.

Before work Carlos wanted to go check the surf at Honolua Bay. We are actually expecting another HUGE 40+ ft swell on our North Shore sometime today....

Can you see the rain falling down in the channel between us and Molokai?

After that we stopped at Hawaiian Village Coffee for a Might Leaf Vanilla Tea

And the I made a smoothie to go with my antibiotics....

Spinach Smoothie
3 cups organic spinach
1.5 local banana
1 cup organic vanilla almond milk

I decided to make this one "to go" so I could go cough and sneeze at Napili Bay instead of my living room....

Always blocking my sun...

Time to go home now and make myself some more liquid medicine.

Spicy Beet Juice
2 small local beets
1.5" local fresh ginger
3 Haiku tangelos
( FYI-This was really good! )

Oh, before I forget....I picked up some more herb seeds today!
Italian Basil
And I planted them in a few different pots this afternoon. I usually buy these as grown plants every year but I thought I give the seeds a shot this time around. Wish me luck:-)

Off to watch another episode of Gossip Girl on my PC with my Cat.



  1. beet smoothie... sounds interesting. what is Haiku tangelos?

  2. My friend lives in Haiku on Maui's north shore and she has a tangelo tree thats in full bloom right now :-) Super Yummy!