Monday, January 11, 2010

Late Christmas

Wow...It really felt like a Monday today! I was so tired all day long......I think it's a symptom of the VOG once again ( apparently, fatigue is the most frequent complaint! ) Anyway, I had no choice in the matter...I'm still knee deep in training......

So today the Iphone made it into the cafeteria at work....Here's a pic of the free salad I have eaten almost everyday for 4 weeks.....

romaine lettuce
red onion
sunflower seeds
cottage cheese
papaya seed dressing

I actually only ate about half this today because I wasn't all that hungry at 11:30 am. However, the two guys I train with were starving to death ( as usual...)

Speaking of those two guys....They have gotten me in the bad habit of eating one these
after lunch.

 White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie. This must end asap....

Who am I??? I even drank a half can of this sugary drink....blah! At least it was made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup I guess.

I decided to pass on the gym today and instead went and got that "out of budget" pedicure that I missed yesterday....good choice.... I feel much better now.

When I got home I found a Christmas present by my front door from my sister and brother in law in Australia! Guess what!! Remember that Maori paddle I bought in New Zealand? The one that I thought got stolen out of my luggage on my return trip home in October? Well, my sister found it hidden under her bed! I'm so happy!

Isn't it pretty! I collect paddles from all the places I have been to in Polynesia. I have paddles from the Cook Islands, Tahiti, Samoa and now New Zealand! Guess which Polynesian paddle I'm missing from my collection??.......Hawaii ( typical )

Check out what else was in the box.

I can't even tell you how stoked I am! I looked all over Sydney for this book!! Steven Snow is the genius chef behind the Fins Restaurant near Byron Bay. He's kind of a super star down in OZ. FYI- The Byron Bay area ( Northern New South Wales ) is hands down my most favorite area to dine in the world. It's an absolute must see for the health conscious foodie! Fabulous!

and of course......

Now, this is just plain mean....Remember my Cansler-Barberis "Banned Foods from the House" list?
Well, let me refresh your memory... The list includes, Blue Cheese dressing, Nutella, and these evil things!! Not fair! If you are unaware and safely living in the Northern Hemisphere, Tim Tams just happen to be the most decadent cookie on the planet.
 Good thing Carlos will be home in about 2 hrs....These should be gone by morning.

Anyway, Mahalo Erin and Eza! xo


Kula red leafed lettuce
Avocado from Haiku
and some really cute tomatoes from Kapalua Farms which is up the road from my house

and a taste of this....

And just a taste of Aussie Yellow Tail Shiraz...

Alright kiddos...I need to go study now. Boo!


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog! i would SO love to live in Maui :) we have friends that live in lahaina and need to find some cheap airfare to come out!

  2. the goddess is seriously too good. totally copied and pasted the ingredients from your lunchtime salad. sounded so good and i am kind of getting tired of my standard. thanks!