Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kona Winds

So we went and saw "Up in the Air" last night. George Clooney was of course, charming as always and over all the movie was pretty good. However, it was too much reality for me to take in on a carefree Saturday night. "Up in the Air" is set in the present time and it revolves around this current depressed economy. The movie had a mix of humor and sadness but unfortunately the sadness was a little too close to home these days.....I hope to see it again in 10 - 20 years and think, " Wow...remember those days? That was tough!"

Before we went to the movies we met some friends at the Maui Brewing Co. ( yes...the place I hate ) for a drink and ended up ordering food because we were starving ( from all the Frisbee Golf I'm sure....) When will we ever learn?? We shared a pretty boring small Pesto Pizza that was a shocking $25. Good thing I had a nice glass of Fume Blanc to keep my mind off of it.

We totally slept in the morning! 9:30 to be exact. I feel better than yesterday but the Kona Winds ( south winds ) are blowing full force and you can barely see Lanai and Molokai again thanks to the thick suffocating VOG in the air.....yuck! I was never like this until 2 years ago when that new vent opened by Kilauea ( The Big Island ) It's terrible....I mean you can't really turn off a volcano so what do you do? I feel so bad for everyone on the Big Island because they have to deal with it all the time....not just when the Kona Winds blow.

I started the morning off with a great 40 minute workout on the elliptical machine followed by some weights ( lat pulldown and seated shoulder press ) While I watched my Steelers almost lose again in the 4th quarter...geez guys.....

I then headed home and made myself another Green Juice before heading off to the beach to study.

Kale Lemonaid
3 cups organic kale
1/2 local lemon
2 organic Granny Smith apples

So, I have a beach that I go to when the winds are coming from the south. It's facing north and it is normally a windy mess when our typical Trades Winds are blowing. Not today though! :-)

You can barely make out Molokai in the background. This is so strange, normally it's plain as day! Damn VOG!

This is a really good beach for shelling too....

Snakehead Cowrie

Look what I found in the sand....It almost feels like I'm on holiday too lol!

Well, at least I can pretend....

Time to head home for a late lunch...

Sorry another repeat...
Veggie Sammie
organic lowfat cottage cheese
Kula green leaf lettuce
Olowalu tomato
Haiku avocado
and some Louisiana Crystal Hot Sauce!

So ono!

Dinner was easy....just some spiced up ( added hot pepper flakes, balsamic vinegar, crushed garlic and evoo ) "Classico" Pasta sauce, Pecorino and organic pasta....

Remember back on December 20th I mentioned I gained a few pesky lbs???
Well, I decided to jump back on the scale this morning and guess what...all gone. All I did was resume back to a normal ( non holiday eating habits ). I cut out blue cheese dressing, Christmas cookies and candy, loads of sticky white rice and shoyu from my new job's cafeteria and the extra glasses of wine I was drinking....easy peasy :-)


  1. Yeah 2010! New year new resolutions... MINe? To start trying more of your wonderful smoothies!

  2. I tried your lemonaid smoothie this morning! I can't believe Ive never used lemon!!! SO good! I posted it on my health blog!