Monday, January 18, 2010

I heart Chuck Bass

I am sad to report that I am currently banished to my small ( but cozy ) living room couch once again today. I did however make an attempt to head back to work and back to my training but unfortunately I had no way of masking my new ( but rather sexy?) husky voice and not so hot, hacking cough. To much dismay my fellow co-workers seemed so concerned about my health that I felt as if I had no choice but to agree with them on my taking the day off ( grrrrrrr ).....
Did I mention these are the same boys that for over 5 weeks I've been trying to prove that spinach smoothies and salads are far superior to their Diet Coke, Mountain Dew and Pop Tarts! So much for credibility...Then to make matters even worse, one of my new BFFs actually suggested that I grab myself some Jack in the Box for breakfast on my way home so I would have some real food to take with my antibiotics....nice


Actually, You want to know what's even more irritating? Getting up at 6:30 to do your hair, make up, pick out a newly ironed outfit ( including the perfect bag and peep toes) only to have to leave one hour into your work day.....( blah, only a women would understand this I'm sure )


Since I had nobody to whine to all day about my wasted morning,  I decided to download and watch 5 episodes of Gossip Girl to keep myself busy until the Argentine came home at 10pm......


Me vs The Volcano ( in overtime )

Anything labled "Stress-less" needs to be in my pantry....
I had a cup of this with some agave.

This was awesome, however my new BFF was right.....I needed more than just juice for my antibiotics...ughhhh
Spicy Beet Juice
1 beet
3 tangelos
1" local ginger

So to try and counter act the now burning hole in my stomach....I snacked on this.
Ak-Mak crackers
1/3 local avocado
Key Lime
Australian Pink Murray River salt

Then, after 5 healing hours of GG
 I made myself some dinner.....

Veggie Tacos
local avocado
vegetarian beans
Kula white corn
Olowalu tomatoes
Key Lime
Crystal Hot Sauce
Corn Tortillas ( new find from the La Tortilla Factory really good )

Okay....tomorrow is a new day.


  1. It's definitely incredibly irritating to get dressed for work only to be sent home for two reasons:
    1) Because if you had known you could have skipped it all and never changed out of pajamas
    2)No one gets to fully appreciate how good you looked!