Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Aloha 2010!
So what did you do last night??
Well, in typical Cansler-Barberis style, Carlos and I finally figured out what to do at 11:30pm. We headed down to Napili Point ( where we spent our first NYE together back in '06/'07 ) with a bottle of Champagne and some Steinlagers.....
It was gorgeous last night, anyone notice the Blue Moon?

We were shocked to see that we were the only ones sitting out on the point?? Thanks to the full moon we had an incredible view of Molokai and we were even able to see some fireworks exploding over on

Fireworks are still legal in Hawaii which after a full decade in the islands I'm still not use to( coming from California). The neighborhoods is Napili were in full force last night with a firework show that would give any July 4th a run for it's money.

Then, at 12:15 it POURED! It literally came out of nowhere too ( so Hawaii !) We were cracking up running to the car trying to save the booze from diluting lol! We figured this was a great omen for 2010. It was like Hawaii was washing away miserable '09. It was a perfect night....

So here we are 1/1/10!

First things first.....I needed a new phone. I thought it was almost poetic that my expensive phone that I just purchased 6 mos ago crapped out on me on NYE. Too funny.....So off to Kahului I went this morning to get myself one of these bad boys!
Like my Wallpaper? It's a pic I took on Christmas morning at the beach across the street from my house.

Anyway, it will probably take me all year to figure out how to use it but I'm pretty stoked ( Even if it's by MAC grrrrrr..... )

By the time I got back to my side of Maui it was already 1 pm and I was starving! So I headed to Penne Pasta in Lahaina to get my favorite flatbread on the West Side.

Veggie Flatbread
tomato sauce
grilled red bell peppers
Goat Cheese
hot pepper flakes

After lunch, I had to go to the beach.......

We only had a high today of 78 degrees....Should be a double blanket night tonight! brrrrrrrr!

I did a little bit of reading but I had to leave because with the wind it was just too cold! ( I'm being serious, how pathetic am I? )


Veggie Sandwitch!
whole grain bread
local Haiku avocado
local Olowalu tomato
Goat cheese
organic green leaf lettuce from Kula
and a little bit of  "Crystal" Hot Sauce

and a glass of Yellow Tail Shiraz...the best super cheap red wine on the market.....

FYI-I was dying to go to the gym today but it was closed for the holiday....oh well....
Aloha :-)


  1. A high of 78?! Oh I wish. It's currently snow flurrying again over here in New York.

    I spent NYE at a fantastic bar called Freddy's in Brooklyn before quickly heading over to Long Island City.

    Happy 2010!!

  2. yum! how big is that veggie flatbread? do you eat the whole thing?