Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Half way to the weekend.....

Wow...sleeping in sure
sounded nice early this morning....however, this is not me. This is Carlos as I'm leaving for work as usual...not fair. Looks like Taj is not going to let him get away with it anymore hahaaa. Good boy!

Sorry for my lack of posting the last few days but again I've been soooooo busy training at work and when I get home I study for a few more hours and then head to the gym .

So, Nothing too exciting to meals and workouts have been fairly repetitious the last few days and I've barely seen the light of day :-(
Here's something interesting....I have not spent $1 since Sunday. I don't think that is humanly possible on Maui but somehow I've done it. Lets see how long I can go.......just kidding.

Kale Lemonaid
4 cups of kale
1/2 local lemon
2organic Granny Smith Apples

 was the same the same 'ol salad from the Cafeteria
mixed greens
cottage cheese
sunflower seeds
chick peas
papaya seed dressing

I'm trying really hard not to get sick of's free.


Whole Wheat Vegan Soft Taco
veggie refried pinto beans
Olowalu tomato
Haiku Avocado
Kula Green Leaf lettuce
Crystal Hot Sauce
( always good to be friends with people who have mature fruit and veggie trees in their yards hahaaa )
Oh and a glass of this.....

Cheap Yellow Tail Shiraz in an expensive Riedle Glass. Nice.

I also did 40 minutes on the Elliptical Machine followed by a bunch of abdominal crunches :-)
Should be a massive ( 30 ft ) north swell pounding the Hawaiian Islands tomorrow. Again, best winter ever...Mahalo El Nino. Too bad I will be missing the show......I know what Carlos will be doing though :-) Not fair

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