Sunday, January 10, 2010

Date Night

So here's a quick wrap up from last night.......

After I did a quick 30 minutes on the Elliptical Machine and Carlos played a round of Frisbee Golf in Kapalua we went on a "date".
One of the biggest scores on the island is the half off sushi at Bamboos in Lahaina between 5-7pm on the weekends. Let me tell you this....I wouldn't "eat" here for years but Carlos and his friends LOVE this place and I would join them from time to time for a drink or 2. Bamboos a great crusty bar at the end of Front St and it definately pulls in the local Maui crowd. It has a pool table and big flat screen TVs and during football season the place gets packed.
About a year ago I finally gave in and had some Phat Thai. OMG! Soooooo good!!! And so is their Veggie Fried Rice, Coconut Soup, Summer Rolls, Green Papaya Salad, and everything! I could go on and on!!! And the best part is this..... it's pretty CHEAP and Cheap = "my business" these days. Anyway, Bamboo serves Thai/Vietnamese + Sushi. It's at the little shopping center at 505 Front St in Lahaina. FYI-The bartenders are pretty cool too.

Carlos and I split this.
Summer Rolls-These normally come with shrimp but they replace that with Tofu for me....

California Rolls minus the crab. They added carrots and pickled Daikon for me instead. This whole plate ws only $6.50!

This was Carlos's plate. He got a Caterpillar Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll and Hamachi Nigiri ( his fave...)

He also ordered Unagi

I had a glass of wine. I think it's Sutter Home Cab. FYI-Bamboos is not the best place to order a glass of Vino....I think Sutter Home is all they have. Sutter Home Chardonnay is scary so I always get the red.

After Sushi we drove about an hour to Kahalui so we could see "Avatar" in 3-D.

We've been hearing sooooooo much about this flick so we had to go see it. I hate sci-fi crap but Carlos has been dying to go.  Anyway....totally worth the drive and $13 ticket.  "Avatar" was really entertaining and the theater was PACKED! In fact, the 8:30 show was sold out when we got there so we had to go to the 9pm. It's a 3 hour movie but again...pretty cool. I would definitely see it on the big screen if you can :-)

FYI-Thanks to my new Iphone....I don't have to drag my big Nikon around with me anymore! So, I think you'll get way more food shots from the restaurants I dine at from now on.....


  1. I wish I liked sushi :( It is so pretty and so healthy for you... Looks like you had a fabulous date night :)

  2. oh we had a sushi date night on saturday too! WE tried a new sushi place and it was really fun!