Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cold Front?

OMG it's my day off!!! What to do??!
Well, it decided to rain today for like the first time all winter long....( yep, my luck as always ) . Apparently we have 3 "cold" fronts moving through the islands over the next few days.  ( FYI-it was 81 degrees and muggy so I'm a little confused by the term"cold" at the moment ) Anyway, not only did we have some periods of heavy rain but the Kona Winds were making a total mess out of everything.....I saw one lone Kite Surfer cruising off Pahaku Beach this afternoon so at lease someone had an idea of what to do with their time ( I, however did not )
I started my morning with a random Beet Juice

1 Beet
2 local Oranges
2 stalks of celery
pretty good but I wish I had some ginger on hand....

2 hours later when Carlos woke up we headed to Hawaiian Village Coffee so he could get his Kona fix and I decided it was a good day for a Bagel and Cream Cheese

Ya know....Bagels and Cream Cheese are one of my most favorite things....However, I have to admit that I rarely eat them because I sort of think of them as "junk food" ( sorry...I know that sounds bad ) but Bagels are (for the most part) pretty dense, made with white flour and lacking nutrients. And cream cheese? Well, I think a nut butter, hummus or an avocado would make a much better bagel topper but sometimes you just have to go with what you really want.

After "Brunch" it cleared up for a bit so Carlos convinced me to play another round of "Frisbee Golf" with him in Kapalua...
Let me just say this.... when you live in Hawaii and you're broke and TVless, you've got to get really creative when the weather goes to shit. Anyway, The Maui Zen Day Spa sounded pretty freaking fabulous by 2 pm ( ummm not that I went ).

So, Carlos left for work and I decided to make myself useful and go on a much needed shopping trip.  I actually ended up going to 4 different stores because certain places have better prices on certain products. Get my drift?

Here you go!

organic salad greens
Maui onions
local tomatoes
local banans
local mint
local cilantro
Barefoot Winery Pinot Grigio

Wild Wood organic tofu
local organic Tangelos
Tahitian limes
local lemons
organic Granny Smith apples

Fabulous Flats Whole Wheat Naan
Tasty Bite Satay sauce ( never tried before...curious)
Near East Isreali Couscous! ( I hope this is good!! It's new )
Lotus Foods organic black Forbidden rice
Fantastic tobouli mix
Thai Kitchen stir fry rice noodles
plain generic oatmeal

2 bags of Safeway brand Portobello Ravioli ( Carlos's fave! )
Annie's Goddess Dressing ( the best )
Shiracha ( duh..)
Crystal Hot Sauce...the best behind Cholula but about 1/5th of the price here

Longs Drugs $20.66
Safeway $59.85
Times Market $9.45
Honokowai Farmer's Market $32.12
Total: $122.08
Off to the gym now.....

30 minutes on the elliptical watching the "Real Housewives of Orange County" on Mute. Again, now I know why I ditched my TV 3 years ago. Are you kidding me?? Next...
300 mixed AB crunches
20 minutes of yoga stretches
( I think I'm sore from Frisbee Golf, seriously...)

Dinner for one...sort of a remix of last night.

Pacific Natural Foods Creamy organic Butternut Soup
added: Tahitian lime, hot sauce and chopped cilantro
Whole Wheat Naan ( sooooo good! )
Mango Chutney

Alright now...I'm thinking a movie for this evening however I can't decide between Gael Garcia Bernal and Vintage Harrison Ford......It's sort of stressing me out actually. Anyway.....


  1. All of your produce looks so colorful and fresh!

  2. It's been cold here! I was telling my dad that it has been in the 40s at night and we have two down comforters on our bed! Our little dog is a good bed warmer too.
    My dad said he added an extra blanket to his bed and closed the windows...but if the cold front consisted of 80 degree weather... I am not sure what he was complaining about! Ahh... to live in Maui. He is going to freeze in SF this week! http://platosplate.blogspot.com/

  3. Hey - I love Forbidden Rice! It's way tastier than a lot of other kinds of whole grain rice. Also, I dig your blog and totally envy your location!!!

  4. Thanks Laura, I just checked out your blog:-) Very cool! Reminds me that I need to get running again! Aloha, A