Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long Sunday....

Busy day again and good thing I thought to bring something to eat because I missed lunch once again:-(
 I packed a mini sandwitch along my juice just incase I needed something to hold me over....
Carrot Beet Juice ( for breakfast )
4 carrots
1 small beat
2 small oranges
1" fresh local ginger

Mini Sandwitch ( mid day )
1 Oroweat Sandwitch Thin
1 Tb peanut butter
1/3 fresh local banana

After work, I was a little hungry so I wanted to make something to hold me over until dinner but not fill me up so I made "Banana Softserve" with Peanuts. This was a perfect snack for Carlos and I before we headed to Kapalua to play 2 hours of Frisbee Golf ( lol! I think I'm diggin this funny sport ) .
Banana Softserve ( 2 servings )
4 ripe frozen bananas
1 Tb agave syrup
1/2 tsp cinnamon
chopped peanuts

Blend in highspeed blender ( like a Vita Mixer ) until the consistency of softserve. SO easy!

I saw this very simple healthy recipe years ago on Dr. Andrew Weil's website ( but he used maple syrup ) as well as Gena's website at "Choosing Raw".
Anyway, very yummy and hard to believe there is no dairy involved!

After 18 holes of Frisbee I was too lazy to cook anything so we decided to head down to Bamboos in Lahaina for half off sushi! ( between 5-7pm )

Tofu Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce split with Carlos
2 Veggie Rolls ( avo, cucumber, carrots )
 Perfect :-)
I also had an unphotographed glass of cheap red wine....

Well, Sorry for the short post but I'm pretty beat. However, tomorrow is my Friday :-) Yey! See y'all soon!

Friday, January 29, 2010


Another day at the office brought on a non-work related delimma. When do I eat? You see, throughout the day I meet with guests and these meetings can sometimes run hours long. So, the issue is this....I can't exactly break for lunch just because I get hungry. But, I don't want my hunger to get in the way of my energy either. So, I think the best way to combat this is by bringing in some sort of "fruit/nut" bar or something similar that I can quickly eat to hold me over until I can take a longer break......

Anyway, I'll work on that.
I made a juice and took it to work for breakfast...
Kale Lemonaid
1" fresh local ginger
1/2 local lemon
1 lb organic kale
1 1/2 large organic Granny Smith apple

Then around 11 am I broke for a light lunch...
2 slices of toasted whole wheat bread
cottage cheese
diced tomatoes
hot sauce

After lunch I had a strong craving for something sweet so I went to the hotel's shop and grabbed one of these....

A mini Milk Chocolate Dove Bar...mmmm

After work I headed to the gym and completed 40 minutes on the elliptical machine followed by 200 crunches.

And then it was dinner time!
Carlos was home tonight so we made some Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil Pearled Couscous by "Near East" This was excellant and very simple to make!
Carlos then sauteed some mushrooms in evoo, salt, pepper and lemon juice while I threw together a decadent....
 Simple salad
mixed organic greens
local tomatoes
avocado from Haiku
Annie's Goddess Dressing

Everything was perfect, vegan, & filling!

Oh, and a glass of Barefoot Pinot Grigio to wash it all down....
Early night tonight...we are both pretty beat so, Happy Aloha Friday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Rain....

One of my girlfriends works with Carlos and she sent him home with this last night :-)

How nice was that! She lives in Haiku ( Maui's North Shore ) and has a ton of mature fruit trees in her yard. She gave me some Lilikoi, Avocados and Hawaiian Oranges :-)
Thanks Amber!

Sort of a lazy day over here.....It rained all morning and afternoon so I kept myself busy doing things around the house.
I started my morning off with some Stash Chai Tea

and then a Green Juice of course...

Green Juice ( for 2 )
1 lb of organic Kale
2 extra large organic Granny Smith Apples
1/2 local lemon
1 large cucumber

Then loads of laundry, sweeping, scrubbing and emailing....
And since it was still raining, I figured it would be a good time to make some Pot Stickers to eat and freeze as well...

I threw fresh organic peas, extra firm organic tofu, sea salt and a Thai Dragon chili in the Cuisinart to form a simple filling. Sometimes, I'll steam these... but today I baked them in the oven until they were nice and crispy.

I also made a dipping sauce that consisted of Thai Sweet Chili Sauce, chopped cilantro, lime juice and chopped roasted peanuts...yum!
I shared this with Carlos....

I had to have dinner alone again this evening so I made a whole box of "Fantastic" Tabouli Mix ( so I would have extra for tomorrow ) and a simple side salad.

Tabouli Mix
I added...
Italian parsely
lemon juice

Simple Salad
organic mixed greens
golden raisins
black sesame seeds I said earlier, lazy day.....I didn't work out or even drive my car. I did house work, cooked and paid bills. People ask me all the time, "What's it like living on Maui??" Well, honestly it's probably not that different to how you live your life.....I have laundry to do, toilets to clean and house full of sand to keep me busy.  But yes, when it's nice's pretty great. However, this was not the case today....oh well.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cold Front?

OMG it's my day off!!! What to do??!
Well, it decided to rain today for like the first time all winter long....( yep, my luck as always ) . Apparently we have 3 "cold" fronts moving through the islands over the next few days.  ( FYI-it was 81 degrees and muggy so I'm a little confused by the term"cold" at the moment ) Anyway, not only did we have some periods of heavy rain but the Kona Winds were making a total mess out of everything.....I saw one lone Kite Surfer cruising off Pahaku Beach this afternoon so at lease someone had an idea of what to do with their time ( I, however did not )
I started my morning with a random Beet Juice

1 Beet
2 local Oranges
2 stalks of celery
pretty good but I wish I had some ginger on hand....

2 hours later when Carlos woke up we headed to Hawaiian Village Coffee so he could get his Kona fix and I decided it was a good day for a Bagel and Cream Cheese

Ya know....Bagels and Cream Cheese are one of my most favorite things....However, I have to admit that I rarely eat them because I sort of think of them as "junk food" ( sorry...I know that sounds bad ) but Bagels are (for the most part) pretty dense, made with white flour and lacking nutrients. And cream cheese? Well, I think a nut butter, hummus or an avocado would make a much better bagel topper but sometimes you just have to go with what you really want.

After "Brunch" it cleared up for a bit so Carlos convinced me to play another round of "Frisbee Golf" with him in Kapalua...
Let me just say this.... when you live in Hawaii and you're broke and TVless, you've got to get really creative when the weather goes to shit. Anyway, The Maui Zen Day Spa sounded pretty freaking fabulous by 2 pm ( ummm not that I went ).

So, Carlos left for work and I decided to make myself useful and go on a much needed shopping trip.  I actually ended up going to 4 different stores because certain places have better prices on certain products. Get my drift?

Here you go!

organic salad greens
Maui onions
local tomatoes
local banans
local mint
local cilantro
Barefoot Winery Pinot Grigio

Wild Wood organic tofu
local organic Tangelos
Tahitian limes
local lemons
organic Granny Smith apples

Fabulous Flats Whole Wheat Naan
Tasty Bite Satay sauce ( never tried before...curious)
Near East Isreali Couscous! ( I hope this is good!! It's new )
Lotus Foods organic black Forbidden rice
Fantastic tobouli mix
Thai Kitchen stir fry rice noodles
plain generic oatmeal

2 bags of Safeway brand Portobello Ravioli ( Carlos's fave! )
Annie's Goddess Dressing ( the best )
Shiracha ( duh..)
Crystal Hot Sauce...the best behind Cholula but about 1/5th of the price here

Longs Drugs $20.66
Safeway $59.85
Times Market $9.45
Honokowai Farmer's Market $32.12
Total: $122.08
Off to the gym now.....

30 minutes on the elliptical watching the "Real Housewives of Orange County" on Mute. Again, now I know why I ditched my TV 3 years ago. Are you kidding me?? Next...
300 mixed AB crunches
20 minutes of yoga stretches
( I think I'm sore from Frisbee Golf, seriously...)

Dinner for one...sort of a remix of last night.

Pacific Natural Foods Creamy organic Butternut Soup
added: Tahitian lime, hot sauce and chopped cilantro
Whole Wheat Naan ( sooooo good! )
Mango Chutney

Alright now...I'm thinking a movie for this evening however I can't decide between Gael Garcia Bernal and Vintage Harrison Ford......It's sort of stressing me out actually. Anyway.....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Daily Grind

Another long day at the office (but that's okay).....I'll learn the ropes soon enough I guess.
I made my own juice this morning with some leftovers and took it to work....

Random Juice
1 lb local Kula green leaf lettuce
1" local fresh ginger
1/2 local lemon
1 very large organic Granny Smith Apple
1 peeled cucumber

I was busy with about 5 hours of touring today so I had to sneak a mini lunch in during a very short break....

I'm sort of digging this right now....

2 slices of whole wheat bread
chopped tomatoes
cottage cheese

Really simple but filling ( and free! )

I actually brought my surfboard in today, determined to catch a few in front of my office when I was pau....However, no bueno.....The waves were about 1' and I only had my short board on me. Major bummer :-(

So, off to the gym I went.....
30 minutes Elliptical Machine level 8
Jenna's 8 minute abs ( click here to check it out )
I did Jenna's Abs two days ago and I'm still sore so I figured something must have worked?
I also did 100 standard crunches on my own.

My workout was sort of weak I'll admit. I left my IPod at home and I didn't have anything to read.  It's hard for me to stay distracted ( on the Elliptical ) without one of these 2 things....blah.

A long shower and Pau Hana aroung 6pm :-)

Nice...good ol' Babich New Zealand Sauvi. Yum Yum :-)

and dinner for one.....

Love this stuff!
 Pacific Natural Foods Butternut Squash Soup ( no dairy )
Tahitian Lime ( cuz that's how I roll )
2 toasted Oroweat Sandwitch Thins
Hummus with evoo and cayenne pepper

Nice huh? to being productive now....see y'all later!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday is my Monday

Well today was my first "real" day on the job.....It was perfect actually because it was fairly slow ( thanks to the NFC and AFC Championship Games....I still have no idea who won? )
First of all....I think I got up wayyyyyy too early. So, I went to the health food store in Honokowai to grab a fresh Juice because I am currently out of Kale at the hale :-(

The guy accidentally made such a huge batch that I got 2, 16 ouncers! I only drank one and I totally forgot the other one at work ( It's still in the fridge ). I tried to give it to my new BFF but he's still freaked out by Green Juices....Anyway, Hopefully the second serving will be okay tomorrow???
This was really yummy and all organic!
Snack before my tour

Peanut Butter Larabar

Then after lunch

Check it out... BFF is eating salad! ( and pulled pork...eww ) He said that this is his "tired" look.

After work I went with Carlos to surf "Little Makaha" and I totally kooked out....I had one of the worst wipeouts of my life here about a year ago and decided to give it another go today ( since I felt like a total kook at work today too I figured what the hell )
Big mistake.......We have a large rising northwest swell filtering in at moment and I was spooked ( that actually means I was being a cranky whiny brat and should have just stayed on the sand )....... Sorry Carlos....bad day.

So I got out....
 but just in time to take a pic of the voggy sunset over Lanai ( yes, that's an island behind that haze....)

Time for a pau hana and cookie

FYI-Nana's Cookies are the bomb....I had about 1/3 because they are pretty big.

And a glass of my fave! New Zealand Sauvi!

Then this happened.....

Yes, thats a 8" Hawaiian Centipede crawling across my kitchen floor....must be my Monday. I'm going to go now so I can look for it's mate....awesome.
Aloha from latitude 21

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ono Grinds!

Nice to have a day off and NOT have to study! So, after seeing the crazy VOG outside I decided to take some action and make myself a large Kale Lemonaid!

1 lb organic Kale
1" local fresh ginger
1/2 lemon
1 very large organic Granny Smith apple

After spending the morning transplanting my Sugar Snap Pea and tomato sprouts....

 Carlos and and his buddy Richard talked me into some Frisbee Golf in voggy Kapalua....

Frisbee Golf is pretty serious here on Maui....It's 18 holes just like regular golf but you throw heavy plastic $20 ( !?? ) "disks" into these baskets ( bare with me....)


I'm happy I had my IPod with me because half the afternoon was spent looking for the frisbees....

Anyone know what happened to Molokai? I think the VOG ate it....

Seriously...there should be an island right there on the horizon....It must have sank?

Anyway, so the boys wanted some beers and food after our long day on the course but I just can't handle the crappy food at Maui Brews again....
So, Good thing I remembered West Maui's Best Kept Secret!

$5 small plates  from 2-5pm at the Sea House Restaurant on Napili Bay!
 These were just my dishes... I think I ate every single bite! I was starving!

Caprese Bruschetta
Buffalo mozzarella
yellow and red tomatoes
balsamic reduction
This was incredible!

Mediterranean Salad
toasted pita
goat cheese
roasted red peppers
Kalamata olives
balsamic reduction
leafy greens

Butternut Ravioli with Mushrooms and Spinach
These were insane! This would make an excellant Main Dish if it was full size! So Good!!
Again, These plates were only $5 bucks each! How cool is that!

And some Happy hour Pinto Grigio to wash it all down....

Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Raspberry Coulis
The waitress brought this out to us for free because she had accidentally spilled a glass of ice water on Carlos (  he said it actually felt good because it was so hot and muggy )
The boys look pretty happy don't you think?

The Sea House is right on Napili Bay Beach and is open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner...
Ono Grinds:-)

Well....looks like an early Saturday night for us...Carlos is passed out in a food coma so I'm going to grab Taj and watch some more Gossip Girl....