Sunday, December 20, 2009


I was woke up very early this morning to the craziest thing ever. Hail! Yes, hail ( as in ice! ) was hitting a banana tree outside my bedroom window? How is this possible? This is tropical Hawaii at sea level! The pelting lasted only few minutes before turning into a typical tropical downpour but still.....crazy times.

I almost didn't mention this because it could open a huge can of worms but I figured what the here it is...
I gained 4 lbs ( fyi-this is a lot for my frame in this sort of time )...Now, before anyone sends the E.D. police after me let me just say this...I could care less about the stupid number on the scale. However, I would love to think that this 4 lb gain is much needed muscle ( thanks to my current interest in jogging of course ) but I have to say that I honestly don't think this is the case. Over the last 2-3 weeks I have noticed that my clothes have been  fitting a little tight??. Nothing major but something is different. I think it's been about a month since I last weighed myself but I think I was hovering around 106 lbs back then. Today, my digital scale flashed 109.8. Whoa, It must have been about 3 years since I've seen anything over 108? So what gives? What have I been doing different?

I thought about this during my morning jog this morning.......

Well, I have been over indulging a bit this last month...I mean really, never in my life have I doused my healthy salad daily with calorie ladden blue cheese dressing. Croutons? When did I start using those? Wine.....Oh man, I love a glass of wine, however recently I've noticed that I've been pouring myself a second glass pretty frequently. Christmas cookies....nuff said. Eating when I'm not really hungry?....Check! Eating a ton of white rice and sodium filled shoyu at work all last week? Check, Check! Eating out late with friends and leaving way too stuffed? Check, Check, Check!!!

Like I said, it's easy for me to find the culprits......If it was 4 lbs of new muscle on my scrawny legs I would be more that thrilled however all I'm feeling right now is a little "puffy" and "puffy" equals "blah" no matter how much I weigh......

So, what to do? Well, not much..... I just want to cut some of this junk food out of my diet and go back to eating like normal plain and simple.... If I'm going to put on 4, 5 or 10 lbs then thats's fine but I want it to be in a healthy way. I haven't been feeling so healthy lately and now I can see why. Who knows.... maybe it's the stress I was dealing with all last month? Maybe I was self medicating with sugar cookies and Pau Hanas....Oh well, not the biggest deal in the world.  I'm now aware...what I do with this information is up to me....

SIDE NOTE: Here's the difference between men and women.....I told Carlos about my little gain and all he did was let out an enthusiastic, "YES!! THAT'S AWESOME! Now, how about 10 more!"

This is exactly how I thought he would react....It's like I gave him an early Christmas present.

Anyway....back to reality.

I was comfortably able to increase my running time today. I actually changed my route and measured the distance with my car yesterday. My new loop is a perfect 3 miles. This is my goal be able to run the whole distance without stopping. Here's how it went today.......

2 min walk
12 min run ( I think my pace was faster today for this part because I almost reached 1.4 miles before walking )
2 min walk
7 min run
3 min walk
4 min run
3 min walk
2 min run
3 min walk
Total time 38 min
Running time 25 min

After my run the weather started to clear so I headed to Wahikuli to fit some non required reading in ( before my required reading )

By the time I got home I was starving! Amy's Soup was an easy call.

Organic Lentil Soup

Mid afternoon snack....

Pumpkin Smoothie
frozen pumpkin puree
almond milk
pumpkin pie spice
vanilla extract
frozen banana


Veggie Burger from Costco ( no soy )
local whole wheat bun
organic ketchup

Off to more reading....aloha :-)


  1. I'm 5'3" and you are right 5 pounds can feel like a lot. no worries... I am sure you will get back on track soon.

  2. I totally understand the "blah" feeling that results from eating. The past few meals have left me feeling waaay too overstuffed (christmas cookies and wine are v. hard to resist).

    I think a base of eating well establishes a craving for it and you'll snap back in no time.

  3. Honestly, I'm more curious than anything...maybe it's hormonal? LOL! Thanks for your comments:-)