Monday, December 21, 2009


Sorry, my brain is seriously fried from much information to memorize!! After work I came home like a good girl and studied for about 2 more hours while Carlos was out enjoying some awesome surf up in Napili....Oh well, the ocean is not going anywhere I guess.
Side Note: We are expecting an unprecedented 40 ft. NW swell due to arrive Christmas morning! This is just the size of the SWELL! 40 ft can easily mean 80 ft. when you are talking about the face of the wave. I will update when I know more!! Merry Christmas Hawaii ( and Cali!)

I passed on running today because my right calf is a bit tight and I really don't want to push it. I use to injure myself running all the time back in the day and I'm not really into that.....I have also noticed that running really increases my hunger and thirst ( was pretty hungry last night ). I think I remember this back when I used to run years ago......but I seem to recall adjusting to this over time? Any thoughts?

I was not hungry enought when I left the house this morning to make a green smoothie. However, by noon I was starving and ended up eating in the free cafeteria once again today......
Sorry no pics, but I had a simple salad with mixed greens, tomato, cucumbers, chick peas, guacamole, salsa and red wine vinegar for dressing. I also had a side of plain brown rice.....It was less than appetizing ( except for the guac of course ) but it's hard to pass on free food these days......

After work snack.....

A handful of Low Fat Wheat -Thins


Pacific Natural Foods Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup - I added some hot sauce

and just ONE of these....

Just when I decided to chill out on the "junk" food another Christmas box showed up!

Sooo not fair!.....but I figured I should grab a piece now for Carlos is already half way done with the box!
Thanks Dad and you tomorrow xoxo

Is it New Years yet?

So I finished "Breaking Dawn" last night ( finally ) all in all it was pretty entertaining.....As for the whole series? I'm glad I broke down and joined the masses...."Twilight" over all ( all 4 books ) was a great read :-)

Side Note: Carlos is so random....I woke up 2 nights ago only to find him in the living room with his head buried in "Breaking Dawn"?  He decided to pick it up....flip to a random page and start reading it? However, "Breaking Dawn" is the LAST book in the Twilight Series....He knows this and I have all 3 previous books in the house at his disposal if he really wants to actually read them..... At the moment he is on the couch reading "Breaking Dawn" again?? I don't get it....? Maybe this is his way of not really reading it....but still reading it...He's so weird. ( FYI - He watched "Twilight" the other night with me too... I think he might be hooked?)

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