Saturday, December 26, 2009


Ya, I have a cold...or something close to it. This sucks.....

I felt that it was best that I avoid surfing thanks to my slight cough and conjested head but it was wayyyy to nice to be stuck inside today. So, I decided to head Upcountry to Makawao :-)

I love Upcountry Maui. Everytime somebody asks me, "Don't you get island fever living here? My answer is usually..."No, not really, but if I ever do I just head Mauka! ( toward the mountain ) "

Upcountry Maui consists of several little "towns" nestled in the 2000 ft to 4,000 ft elevation levels of our 10,000 ft volcano, Haleakala. It is typically cooler and drier than the beach areas so it might not look so "tropical" or "Hawaiian" to a tourist. However, Upcountry is a very important part of Maui's history and culture. This is Paniolo ( cowboy ) Country and agriculture is the dominant biz here. Everywhere you look you see cattle, horses, goats, chickens and vegetable farms. So, with that and the beautiful rolling hills I get a little Northern California within an hours reach of my tropical beach house....Pretty cool :-)

Shopping in Makawao is dangerous......I don't know what I was thinking? Everything is sooooo cute but equally expensive!!!

This is my favorite shop, "Pink by Nature" I broke down and bought some pounded silver hoops.


cute little cafes

Chinese herb shop

I'm impressed...the old General Store got a full on make over. They even have a Raw Foodist selection in the deli it!

I would have gotten something but I really wasn't hungry yet....

I pulled over on Haleakala Hwy to take this picture of the West Maui mountains. It is so rare to see them without their typical cloud cover.

love the sugar cane everywhere.....

I almost headed to Paia but I just wasn't feeling so hot....

Too bad .... 85 degrees and sunny the day after Christmas. Good 'ol Maui.....

I didn't eat lunch until 3 pm....My stuffy head had completely killed my appetite:-(

Just a repeat of dinner last night...
Amy's Organic Minestrone and shaved Pecorino


Naan Bread and Goat Cheese

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