Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maui Vacation contin.....

So I got something awesome in the mail yesterday!!

So excited!! Finally something to replace that piece of sh** MAC Notebook with ( it died in just 1 year and AFTER the warrenty expired of course.... ) Not to worry, I'm not done with MAC. I'm currently the service center's biggest pain in the ass! Ha!
Anyway.....It's been a bit difficult sharing a PC with Carlos the last few months but  now I don't have to!!

(However, Carlos is pretty stoked with my new Sony Vaio too so I think he might be using it a bit now as problem I guess :-)

So yesterday was a surf filled day.... However, some kook dropped in on me at Lahaina Breakwall ( typical ) and smashed the nose of my board. He was about 19-20 years old and looked at me like he had no idea I was on the wave...NOT OKAY!

Let me tell you this, I have a major issue with dropping in because I get dropped in on all the time!!!! And esp. by teenage boys!??? Well, Just so you know...I totally handled the situation like a grown up and proceeded to paddle after the grom and chase his out of the water.  I'm sorry but I have no tolerance for this sort of crap anymore. I understand that people make mistakes. However, this was no mistake....He looked straight at me and took off right in front of me. I scream at him to get off my wave and he tried to pull out the back.....and then he wiped out....and crushed my board.....

FYI-This is NOT the right way to get a girl's attention out in the water little boy!
Sorry......I needed to get this one off my chest.

Dry Dock....

Blah! On to better topics......
Dinner last night! Holy Yummo!

Mushroom Saute 
lemon juice
white wine
kosher salt

With Pearled Couscous and Salad
Olowalu tomatoes
blue cheese dressing
and homemade croutons ( evoo, cayenne pepper, garlic salt )

and a few of these of course......

We actually made dinner with our buddy Hugh...They boys grilled Salmon to add to their plates...sorry no pics...I totally blanked.

Now on to today!

I got up early this morning and did another run/walk!
24 minutes total and 15 minutes of that was running....It felt a lot easier today...I think I'm getting my legs back ( slowly ) Can you believe I actually used to run 25 miles a week 4 years ago!!! Crazy! I can't get a grip on how "out of shape" I am ( running shape I mean because I can paddle my butt off these days )  and I'm trying not to get discouraged anymore....It is what it is, and I'm not in a race with anyone so I need to get over it.....I'll be cranking out the 3 to 5 miles again soon enough....( this is only like my 5th  run so I need to give myself a break ) It will happen.....

After my "run" I made some awesome oatmeal! I know oatmeal is a huge rage in the health blog world but for me....eating something heavy and hot in the a.m. usually doesn't sound so great....Blame the tropics I guess? was different...It was 10 am and I wanted something more that juice...

This totally rocked!

Local Banana Oatmeal ( for 2 )
2 bananas ( sliced )
1 cup oatmeal
1 cup water
3/4 c almond milk
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 vanilla
1 Tb local honey
topped with 1 Tb organic peanut butter
I threw everything together over med heat until all the liquid was absorbed....easy peasy!

Carlos had to shoot another hotel today so I took the time to hele down to Barnes and Nobles in Lahaina to pick up this....

Thank God this is the last one.....I even had to buy the hard back version. They told me all they had in paper back was the spanish version...Could you imagine me asking Carlos to translate and read "Breaking Dawn" to me? Hahahahahaha.....Another reminder that I need to buy Rosetta Stone after this.....
SIDE NOTE: Who else out there is annoyed by Bella??? Why is everyone in love with this chick? I don't get it....Oh wait, she's 18.....and the boys are even younger....duh.

After 2 hours of frying my old skin at Waikuhli Beach with Edward Cullen.....My real life boyfriend and I decided a Costco and Mana Foods trip was an absolute must.....

I freaking love these things.....I get them at the hot bar at Mana Foods...

Spinach and Feta Fillo Rolls
Fillo dough
tons of spinach
a little feta
red onions
lemon juice
Braggs Amino Acids


Homemade croutons ( cayenne pepper, salt, evoo )
pecorino romano cheese
baby Roma tomatoes
local green leaf lettuce
organic balsamic
local honey
sea salt

with "Amy's Organic" Lentil Soup

Okay...time to kick the Argentine off the couch now so I can get back to "Breaking Dawn"....paaathetic.

It's only 8pm....look at these two!

rough life out here in Hawaii.....

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