Monday, December 28, 2009


Okay, So I quit the gym because I felt like it was a waste of money but guess what....I totally miss it now. I don't know if it's my new job or what but all I want to do now when I get home is go to the gym?? This is crazy.....
Don't get me wrong....I still believe I can get a really great workout with street jogging, paddling, surfing, stand up paddling and yoga but honestly, I really like having that other option......( side note:  I went SUPing for and hour yesterday and I'm so frigging sore now?? Wierd? )
So what to do?
First, I noticed that with my new job I get home later and I only have an hour or two left of sunlight so it would be really helpful to have the gym available to me now ( I work during the day now instead of having a mix of day and nights too like I use to ). Second, my new job is pretty intense at the moment and I would just love to be able to come home, take my time to chill for an hour ( instead of trying to beat the sunset ) and then hit the gym at sundown and pound it out on the stairmaster. And finally....I'm just not really into running on the street. I really want to like it but I just don't.....Sorry, I hate to admit it but I just perfer the treadmill with a TV in front of me so I can zone out.....I'm kind of lazy like that.
So, I might rejoin....I'm soooo annoying I know. I went to the gym today to ask how I can do that and not pay any sort of enrollment fees and nobody could answer my questions. So, now I have to wait until a manager can call me back....lame. Maybe I'll change my mind in the mean time?? Doubt it.....

So, Today was Monday and we were back to the grind after the nice 3 day weekend....So much still to learn at my new job!! I still might have another 3 weeks of training.....I'm so looking forward to having all this information in my head and being comfortable in this new industry:-)....all in due time I guess.

Today I remembered to make myself a Green Smoothie for work...

3 cups organic spinach
1 cup almond milk
1.5 honey frozen bananas

Lunch was in the cafeteria at work.....I'll be bringing my own lunch soon but right now I'm on a very strict budget so it's hard to pass up a free lunch...Sorry no pic

Sauted Veggies
lima beans
green beans
kinda boring....
2 scoops white sticky rice with soy and Thai sweet chili sauce


Amy's Organic Minestrone Soup ( with added hot sauce )
3 Ak-Mak crackers
herb and olive cream cheese from the Farmer's Market in Honokowai
1 glass of Alamos Argentine Malbec 2008 ( always a winner )


  1. I love Malbec. It's my favorite wine ever. :)

  2. Me too!!! I was in Argentina last year and I got super spoiled with only paying about $3-$4 bucks a bottle....not fair! LOL :-) A