Saturday, December 12, 2009

Early Spring Cleaning....

I really didn't plan to spend the remaining few days off CLEANING but sometimes when you start something it's just too hard to stop. Not only did I detail my car but Carlos and I decided to tackle our "shed"....
OMG...I seriously think he could just throw out EVERYTHING and I wouldn't even notice ( in fact I really wish he would at this point.... )  Here our some examples of some "piles" that are laying all over the backyard at the moment.

My eyes are burning!!! Somebody make it go away!!

Luckily it doesn't look like it's going to rain today but this is Hawaii and that can change pretty quickly. However my cleaning partner just took off to play "Frisbee Golf".....??
 In the mean time, I'm sitting here in my living room trying hard not to have a melt down because there is still luggage, card board boxes, surfboards and coolers spewed across my lawn!

Anyone who knows me personally will understand my state of mind at the moment. I don't handle "being disorganized" or "messy"  very well....I mean seriously, I would have a REALLY hard time sleeping if there was just a dirty fork in the sink ( no joke, I'm like Monica from "Friends" )....totally nutzo..... However, my man could not be any more different when it comes to these sort of "silly" things. He's hardly "dirty" but he does live in somewhat organized mess from time to time ( well that's how he describes it.....) and I'm constantly battling piles of random stuff in every corner of our little world.... Anyway, It's not the biggest deal I guess..... once again, good thing for him he's so damn pretty.

Side Note #1: FYI-Boys have a lot of "stuff ".....I mean ladies get harped on all the time for the amount of shoes/bags and beauty products we jam into storage closets and drawers but what about all that "Boy Stuff" that is shoved in ( and outside ) the house as well??

 You know what I mean.....things like, golf clubs, surfboards, weights, workout benches, skateboards, soccer balls, footballs, tools, beer coolers, diving gear, fishing gear, old car parts, camping gear, video games, speakers, guitars and repair kits for ALL of these things......You get what I mean I'm sure.

Anyway it will make you think twice when someone "eyes" your organized box of velcro curlers again....

Side Note #2: ......I don't really get this new addiction the boys  have with this "Frisbee Golf" thing these days? However,  As soon as the surf flattens out they are up in the hills throwing these strange shaped frisbees into these weird metal baskets on the old " Village" golf course up in Kapalua.....

Whatever, must be a guy least it's free.

I guess I got that off my chest. Sorry, Probably better for me to vent here....hahaha
As always, I love my place, I love my cat, and I love my organized mess of a man too....Aloha :-)

I didn't get to running today as planned...I got very side tracked with the car washing, mopping, sweeping and bleaching out my world.

In between all of this I scarfed some food down too :-)

My "IT" Salad these days
bay Roma tomatoes
blue cheese dressing ( need to stop buying this stuff!!!! )


Low-fat Wheat Thins and a big pillow of chevre!


Vodka Penne with Pecorino Cheese
baby Roma tomatoes
purple leaf lettuce
sea salt
local honey

Oh and some of this....

 FYI- Someone is home and outside making a lot of noise ( breaking down boxes?? I could only hope...)


  1. Seriously I cannot stop laughing. You and I are on the same wave length. I try to clean up all the time but my bf is always leaving little piles of man things all around! I always tease him that I love him with the exception of his "piles". I even read him your funny!!!

    Anyway, I guess my dad tried to go see "jaws" and got stuck in a traffic jam. I told him to read your blog so he could get to know Maui better! I also suggested he try Flatbreads and he said he had heard great things about it.

    I hope you are enjoying your time off. With a commission based job, I am hurting with the current economy but I am sure I will be to Maui sooner or later...would love to grab a glass of wine or dinner at Mala the next time I'm out there.

    Take care!
    Amanda S.

  2. Just found your blog. I am a vegitarian too so I am really enjoying your food posts. PS That glass of wine looks like a good way to end your " spring cleaning! " :)

  3. Thank you for your sweet comments Laurel and Amanda :-) I'm just now going over all I've missed out on this week....I feel like I've been in a Marriott Bubble LOL xoxo