Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catching up....

So when I wasn't surfing waves ( or taking pics of waves ) over the last few days I was indulging in some yummy good eats. Here's a few things that I threw together this weekend....

Baked Chili Yam Fries
2 Tb pure coconut oil
2 large yams cut into "sticks"
juice of one lime
combo of Kosher Salt, cumin, fresh grated nutmeg and cayenne pepper

Oven Temp 375 F

After cutting up the yams ( skins left on ) I tossed them with the lime juice and coconut oil. I then laid them on a baking sheet and generously sprinkled on the "rub".

I baked these for about 30 minutes and then flipped and "rubbed" again. I checked them every 5 minutes or so after this until they were brown and crispy:-) Yummo!

I also made a quiche....Now, I'm not really into quiche ( because of the egg part.....) but Carlos loves them so I threw this together for him to go with the Yam Fries...

Crustless Spinach Quiche
6 whole eggs ( beat )
1 10 package frozen oranic spinach ( defrosted and excess moisture squeezed out )
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp cracked black pepper
2 cups grated Jack cheese
1 diced Maui onion

Oven set at 350 F

Hand beat eggs in large bowl. Add remaining ingredients and pour into 9" tart pan. Cook 30 min....Let cool about 10 minutes before cutting into ( I didn't try but Carlos gave it two thumbs up! )

Carlos's plate that evening with side salad ( romaine, blue cheese dressing and organic croutons.) My dish was just the salad and fries of course....

Okay, Here's a big one.....I'm unveiling a HUGE family recipe ( this might be our only family recipe besides my dads BBQ sauce (which I cannot give out) but anyway..... it's a cookie recipe and I ONLY make it during the holidays....This is actually the only Holiday like thing I do every year since Christmas Trees on Maui are like a million dollars and half dead! So, here you go.....Enjoy!!

Grammie's Pecan Dreams
 ( I used all organic ingredients ) just like Grammie did ( just kidding )
1 cup salted butter ( at room temp )
6 heaping Tbs of powdered sugar
2 tsp water
2 tsp pure REAL vanilla
1 cup whole pecans ( then chop )
2 cups flour
1 box of powdered sugar ( for dusting )

Oven temp 250 F

cream butter and 6 heaping Tbs of sugar together with water and vanilla

add chopped pecans and flour

place dough in a ziplock bag and put in fridge overnight


Roll about 1 Tb of dough into "fingers" and place on cookie sheet. Bake at low 250 F temp for one hour until golden ( with brown bottoms.)
Take a large pan and fill it with 1 large box of sifted powdered sugar. Let baked cookies "cool" about 3-5 minutes and then carefully toss/roll them in the sugar tray...

All pau...now just eat ( Carlos ate half the batch in about 20 minutes...seriously )

This is all I have left ...I just had 2 :-(

So speaking of Carlos....Look at what I'm dealing with....

Sun is setting over Lanai.... a lot of surfers have already paddled in.....

This was taken with my telephoto lens....it's the only way I can make sure a shark hasn't eaten him yet...

Can you see him?? I can't either...but he's still out there....

I mean seriously..... All you can see are the Tiki torches now....

He finally appeared on the lava rocks about 5 minutes after this shot. I would have taken a pic but my camera would not focus because of the LACK OF LIGHT!!
I told him I was about to leave....I figured the Tiger sharks had gotten him and I wasn't paddling out to try and find him... Anyway....good thing he got out safe because I was like, "alllllooooha" bruddah.
Freaking 40 year old boys......

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  1. LOVE all this stuff, Mandy! Yum yum I'm gonna have to make 'em fries!