Thursday, December 31, 2009

Moving on.....

I couldn't help but stop to ponder for awhile about what I wanted to say regarding New Year's Eve ....
There is so much talk about "resolutions" and stuff like that and one of the things I find interesting is this.....In general I hear, "I don't make New Years resolutions. It only leads to failing... blah blah blah....." What a bunch of wusses.
Seriously??? What are you so scared of? And who really gives a rat's ass if you break all your resolutions by the end of the Rose Parade or not? Guess what.....nobody really cares.

I love New Years Eve. It actually happens to be my most favorite holiday of the year. What's better than getting to stay up late, drink Champagne, wear sequins, and press the delete button and start over!
Times have been tough, that's no secret and 2009 was dousy for me ( ummm and so was '06, '07 and '08 but who's counting). When I look back on this last year all I want to do is shake my head and thank god it went by fast.
Besides being the freaking poster child of this fabulous recession, I endured 3 cases of deadly MRSA Staph, I'm was painfully financially still attached (after 3.5 years) to my ex-husband ( thanks to a real estate investment ) who seemed to get a rise out of testing my sanity on a weekly basis, I lost my stepdad of 18 years to cancer, my income dropped 47%, my hard earned credit dissappeared, I changed jobs ( after 6 yrs with the same gallery ) and when I was finally able to get away and take a vacation I got caught in the 75 year Great Australian Dust Storm, a South Pacific tsunami warning, and then I serendipitiously got snowed in ( and then snowed out of the country New Zealand ) all in the matter of 2 weeks.
So, with that being said.....I'm a little bit drained.

But, don't get me wrong....'09 wasn't all that bad.
Here are some of the highlights!
1.) April- I FINALLY made it to Kauai!! Yes, it was only for about 36 hours but I have been waiting practically my whole friggin' life to get over to the "Garden Isle" and it finally happened!! (Much thanks to a generous invite from some friends.) Yes, I live on Maui....which makes Kauai only about a 40 minute flight away but for some asinine reason I saw Buenos Aires and the Great Barrier Reef before I saw the Na Pali coast....Don't ask, it's a sensitive subject over here.....

2.)June- Audi A4.....well, if you might be loosing your ass and you might not be able to get yourself anything nice for the next few years what do you do?? Go get yourself a nice German sports car...nuff said.

3.) Sept/Oct-Three weeks in Australia. Best place on the planet even in the freezing rain, hands down. The best part about the trip this year is I got to hang out with my WHOLE family.  This has not happened since the 1970s. Yes, I'm that old.

4.) Nov- Carlos.... we are still going strong and still together (against all odds) 3 years later. I love you more than Hugh Jackman, Javier Bardem and the Portuguese soccer team combined ....xo xo

5.) Maui's Marriot Ocean Club-Thank you for the opportunity and support. I'm excited!

6.) El Nino-Thank you for the some of the best winter surf I have ever seen in 11 years on Maui!

10 Resolutions for 2010
1.) I have decided that I'm over this recession so I will no longer be participating. Thanks, it's been educational and interesting but I'm going to go ahead and move on with my life now.
2.) The dentist. I need to go....I'm absolutely appalled at myself. I won't even say how many years it has been because my mother reads this blog so I'll just say it's been awhile. For the record, I have never had a cavity however, I have a sick feeling that that stat has changed.
3.) Blue Cheese will now be joining "Nutella" and "Tim Tams" on the Cansler-Barberis "Banned Foods in the House" list. Sorry....I'll miss you.
4.) Excedrin.....again, nuff said.
5.) Make more money than '09.....after looking at my "year to date" pay stub, this shouldn't be too much of a challenge.
6.) More green veggies, more green juice, more yoga, more surfing....What's a New Year's Resolution list without a mention of diet and exercise. I live a pretty healthy and balanced lifestyle but there are always room for improvement.
7.) Stamp the passport. I've done this for 6 years straight now and I don't plan on stopping. Where to next?? Plans are already in the making....... Carlos and I will be making a cross country trip to Florida in the fall and then we are hoping to end up in a surf filled Banana Republic for a few weeks after that. Can't wait!
8.) Figure out how to spell and grammer check on Blogspot.
9.) Close's been a LONG time coming.
10.) Smile, Breath and Relax.....sounds simple right? This has actually been a huge challenge for me all my life and it's time to change that.

So there you go! Hau'oli makahiki hou to you too in 2010. May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's Resolutions as well.....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to the gym!

Aloha! Back to the gym today and it felt great! I did 45 minutes on the elliptical machine and it felt really good to sweat :-)
Today was another training day at work....things seem to be moving along pretty well and I think I finally found something I like to eat at the free cafeteria......Sorry no pic again, I seriously feel way too wierd taking pics of the food in there....
Here's what I've been eating the last 2 days for lunch.
Large Salad
iceberg lettuce
sunflower seeds
chick peas
cottage cheese
papaya seed dressing

I eat lunch everyday with the two guys in my training class. They are super cool but I'm starting to worry about their Mountain Dew and Diet Coke intake.....However, they are pretty brave when it comes to the "meat of the day" selections. ... BTW, these are the same boys that grimace everytime I bring my Green Smoothie to work in the morning hahaha....( Project!! ) I love a challenge!

 pre-workout snack

Ak-Mak Crackers

Dinner was yummy thanks to a super buttery avocado from my friend's yard:-)

Veggie Burger
whole wheat locally made bun
local avocado
organic ketchup
veggie burger patty ( no soy )

And a glass of Argentine Mablec!

What do you think of my new coffee table? It was a gift and I love it! It's made of coconut palm wood from Fiji :-)

Monday, December 28, 2009


Okay, So I quit the gym because I felt like it was a waste of money but guess what....I totally miss it now. I don't know if it's my new job or what but all I want to do now when I get home is go to the gym?? This is crazy.....
Don't get me wrong....I still believe I can get a really great workout with street jogging, paddling, surfing, stand up paddling and yoga but honestly, I really like having that other option......( side note:  I went SUPing for and hour yesterday and I'm so frigging sore now?? Wierd? )
So what to do?
First, I noticed that with my new job I get home later and I only have an hour or two left of sunlight so it would be really helpful to have the gym available to me now ( I work during the day now instead of having a mix of day and nights too like I use to ). Second, my new job is pretty intense at the moment and I would just love to be able to come home, take my time to chill for an hour ( instead of trying to beat the sunset ) and then hit the gym at sundown and pound it out on the stairmaster. And finally....I'm just not really into running on the street. I really want to like it but I just don't.....Sorry, I hate to admit it but I just perfer the treadmill with a TV in front of me so I can zone out.....I'm kind of lazy like that.
So, I might rejoin....I'm soooo annoying I know. I went to the gym today to ask how I can do that and not pay any sort of enrollment fees and nobody could answer my questions. So, now I have to wait until a manager can call me back....lame. Maybe I'll change my mind in the mean time?? Doubt it.....

So, Today was Monday and we were back to the grind after the nice 3 day weekend....So much still to learn at my new job!! I still might have another 3 weeks of training.....I'm so looking forward to having all this information in my head and being comfortable in this new industry:-)....all in due time I guess.

Today I remembered to make myself a Green Smoothie for work...

3 cups organic spinach
1 cup almond milk
1.5 honey frozen bananas

Lunch was in the cafeteria at work.....I'll be bringing my own lunch soon but right now I'm on a very strict budget so it's hard to pass up a free lunch...Sorry no pic

Sauted Veggies
lima beans
green beans
kinda boring....
2 scoops white sticky rice with soy and Thai sweet chili sauce


Amy's Organic Minestrone Soup ( with added hot sauce )
3 Ak-Mak crackers
herb and olive cream cheese from the Farmer's Market in Honokowai
1 glass of Alamos Argentine Malbec 2008 ( always a winner )

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Ya, I have a cold...or something close to it. This sucks.....

I felt that it was best that I avoid surfing thanks to my slight cough and conjested head but it was wayyyy to nice to be stuck inside today. So, I decided to head Upcountry to Makawao :-)

I love Upcountry Maui. Everytime somebody asks me, "Don't you get island fever living here? My answer is usually..."No, not really, but if I ever do I just head Mauka! ( toward the mountain ) "

Upcountry Maui consists of several little "towns" nestled in the 2000 ft to 4,000 ft elevation levels of our 10,000 ft volcano, Haleakala. It is typically cooler and drier than the beach areas so it might not look so "tropical" or "Hawaiian" to a tourist. However, Upcountry is a very important part of Maui's history and culture. This is Paniolo ( cowboy ) Country and agriculture is the dominant biz here. Everywhere you look you see cattle, horses, goats, chickens and vegetable farms. So, with that and the beautiful rolling hills I get a little Northern California within an hours reach of my tropical beach house....Pretty cool :-)

Shopping in Makawao is dangerous......I don't know what I was thinking? Everything is sooooo cute but equally expensive!!!

This is my favorite shop, "Pink by Nature" I broke down and bought some pounded silver hoops.


cute little cafes

Chinese herb shop

I'm impressed...the old General Store got a full on make over. They even have a Raw Foodist selection in the deli it!

I would have gotten something but I really wasn't hungry yet....

I pulled over on Haleakala Hwy to take this picture of the West Maui mountains. It is so rare to see them without their typical cloud cover.

love the sugar cane everywhere.....

I almost headed to Paia but I just wasn't feeling so hot....

Too bad .... 85 degrees and sunny the day after Christmas. Good 'ol Maui.....

I didn't eat lunch until 3 pm....My stuffy head had completely killed my appetite:-(

Just a repeat of dinner last night...
Amy's Organic Minestrone and shaved Pecorino


Naan Bread and Goat Cheese

Mele Kalikimaka


This was across the street from our house Christmas morning...pretty huh!

Keeping up with tradition we always start off our Christmas with an early morning surf....

The surf was crowded and massive up north so we headed south and took it easy in Lahaina.

Carlos finally getting out....

Unfortunately, my man had to work at 10 am :-( So, I headed to our friends house for brunch solo....

Here's Onyx...absolutely thrilled it's you can see.

I poured myself a few of these...

Guava Mimosa....delish!

The menu was Egg Nog and Eggs Bene...

Here's my plate...

I improvised with just the avo, tomato and a vegan hollandaise ( made with hummus instead of mayo! Clever and good!.... )
Oh, and no egg nog for me....never been a fan which according to everyone I know, I'm lucky.

Crystal and Steveo have an avocado tree in their yard that produces the most buttery avos I have EVER tasted! Amazing!

Around 3:30 Carlos finally got off work so we headed home to open some presents.....

Taj made out as ususal.....

After that Carlos went out to surf for another few hours....he climbed out over the rocks when it was pitch black out of course. I figured it was Christmas so I'd let it go.....

Dinner was really simple....

Amy's Organic Minestone Soup
hot sauce
pecorino cheese
Fabulous Flats Garlic Naan

Unfortunately...I've been feeling like I've been coming down with a cold over the last few days :-( So, we crashed out at 8pm....just like Halloween & the 4th of July....boy, we are on a roll! Can't wait for New Years Eve! LOL

Mele kalikimaka everyone...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I'm soooooo tired......I'm so overloaded with information right now I feel like my head is going to explode...Is it Christmas yet? Someone mentioned to me today that it is Christmas Eve tomorrow....Really? I just got the memo.

After my long long day, I ended up going to one of my girlfriend's house for some wine and snacks.

Mila makes the best rum balls!

I brought Brie ( of course ) and some yummy Apricot Spread!

I was laughing because Mila's Christmas Tree looks a lot like mine.....

Here's mine and Carlos's

Very "Charlie Brown's Hawaiian Christmas" don't you think??

In our defense....Christmas trees sold out on island 2 weeks ago.....pretty typical.

This is Mini Cat ( Mila's 8 month old kitten ) He's a boy ( obviously )since his name is Mini(??)

Speaking of cats, I came home tonight to Taj....who is currently pretty pissed off at me. You see, we had our sink replaced yesterday and now it no longer leaks.....God forbid he has to drink from his actual water bowl now....Apparently, I'm a terrible mother.

Anyway, Sorry about the ramdom post.....I'm seriously delirious so somebody wake me when Friday arrives.
Mele Kalikimaka and all that other stuff....

Monday, December 21, 2009


Sorry, my brain is seriously fried from much information to memorize!! After work I came home like a good girl and studied for about 2 more hours while Carlos was out enjoying some awesome surf up in Napili....Oh well, the ocean is not going anywhere I guess.
Side Note: We are expecting an unprecedented 40 ft. NW swell due to arrive Christmas morning! This is just the size of the SWELL! 40 ft can easily mean 80 ft. when you are talking about the face of the wave. I will update when I know more!! Merry Christmas Hawaii ( and Cali!)

I passed on running today because my right calf is a bit tight and I really don't want to push it. I use to injure myself running all the time back in the day and I'm not really into that.....I have also noticed that running really increases my hunger and thirst ( was pretty hungry last night ). I think I remember this back when I used to run years ago......but I seem to recall adjusting to this over time? Any thoughts?

I was not hungry enought when I left the house this morning to make a green smoothie. However, by noon I was starving and ended up eating in the free cafeteria once again today......
Sorry no pics, but I had a simple salad with mixed greens, tomato, cucumbers, chick peas, guacamole, salsa and red wine vinegar for dressing. I also had a side of plain brown rice.....It was less than appetizing ( except for the guac of course ) but it's hard to pass on free food these days......

After work snack.....

A handful of Low Fat Wheat -Thins


Pacific Natural Foods Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup - I added some hot sauce

and just ONE of these....

Just when I decided to chill out on the "junk" food another Christmas box showed up!

Sooo not fair!.....but I figured I should grab a piece now for Carlos is already half way done with the box!
Thanks Dad and you tomorrow xoxo

Is it New Years yet?

So I finished "Breaking Dawn" last night ( finally ) all in all it was pretty entertaining.....As for the whole series? I'm glad I broke down and joined the masses...."Twilight" over all ( all 4 books ) was a great read :-)

Side Note: Carlos is so random....I woke up 2 nights ago only to find him in the living room with his head buried in "Breaking Dawn"?  He decided to pick it up....flip to a random page and start reading it? However, "Breaking Dawn" is the LAST book in the Twilight Series....He knows this and I have all 3 previous books in the house at his disposal if he really wants to actually read them..... At the moment he is on the couch reading "Breaking Dawn" again?? I don't get it....? Maybe this is his way of not really reading it....but still reading it...He's so weird. ( FYI - He watched "Twilight" the other night with me too... I think he might be hooked?)