Tuesday, November 3, 2009

VOG update

I starting to wonder if I am allergic to Maui??

About 2 months ago I was battling a wierd case of Excema around my eyes....I swore up and down it was from the new mineral make-up I had been using and I went back to my old MAC products. I went to Australia and the excema went away ( along with the aid of coconut oil ).....

Anyway, it's back? Not only is the excema back but I've been dealing with a congested head a slightly "scratchy" throat for almost 3 weeks? Not exactlt "sore" but just "scratchy" I've always dealth with difficult cases of Tonsilitis since child hood but this is strange?

Over the last year Maui County has been dealing with really bad cases of "VOG" ( Volcanic Ash ) in the air. This happens when our winds change and blow in from the south ( Kona, or where the active volcano is....) I don't know if this has anything to do with my current symptoms but considering the Voggie Skies around my island I would not be surprised.

It looks as though I might have to finally give in and go to Maui Medical ( aka: the best place on island to catch "Pig Flu" ) I really really don't want to do this but this is getting old.....I will update later.


Breakfast-Green Smoothie ( 1 c almond milk, 2 frozen bananas, 3 cups organic Kula spinach, stevia ), Green Tea ( Kiwi Pear )


Dinner-(taken to work) "Spicy Peanut Noodles" I took this recipe ( and altered it a tiny bit ) from the Nov. issue of "Food and Wine" magazine. I can't write down the recipe in full due to copywrite laws however it's on page 82. It's really good and easy to make!
The recipe called for celery and cilantro which I did not have available in my house so instead of going to the store I cut a bunch of Thai Basil from my garden and tossed that in instead. I also added  some black sesame seeds.

Dessert-"Ono Gelato" Kula Strawberry Sorbetto ( small )

SIDE NOTE- Remeber how I mentioned about a week ago that I wanted to try to not spend more than $100 until Nov. 1st?? Well, I did it.... with a little left over too.....$56.89 ( This even included $8.73 in Halloween Candy that I did NOT need.....) However, Carlos took care of the candy consumption of course.

I hate this economy.....

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