Monday, November 9, 2009

Salad Cravings??

I've been having a hard time getting out of bed these days? Not really sure what's going on but probably going to bed earlier will help? Today I was up by 8 am. I would love to be rising around 6:30 or 7 am. Even if I am not working until the afternoon. There is just something about early morning in Hawaii.......

For breakfast I whipped up my much loved Green Smoothie

*3 cups of organic Kula spinach
*1.5 frozen local bananas
*1 cup of almond milk ( 40 cals per cup, 3 gr. fat )
*1 TB of organic peanut butter and stevia.

And some Mint Tea from "Hawaiian Village Coffee" in Kahana.......

I had a lot of studying to do today on the computer ( more on that another time ) however, I did break for lunch to satisfy my craving for Blue Cheese dressing ( This is getting rediculous.... )

I even toasted up some "Orowheat Sandwitch Thins" ( the only bread I had in the house ) with evoo and garlic salt for some homemade croutons :-) Not bad, but I do prefer the La Brea Bakery bread better for a crouton base

*4 cups of mixed greens
2-3 TB "Marie's" Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing
1/2 cup croutons

Snack before work..........

"Purely Decadant" Coconut Milk Cookie Dough Ice Cream....yummy! So hard to believe this is dairy AND soy free! Crazy!

First Dinner was a light, just a small tossed salad from "Mr. Subs" in Lahaina around 5pm

*ummmm Ranch Dressing ( well at lease I'm changing it up? )

Second light dinner around 8pm from "Ono Gelato" ( $2.77 with Kamaaina discount )

*raw Kula corn
*red onions
*kalamata olives

I didn't have much time left over to workout today ( a big reason why I want to start waking up earlier! )
Until tomorrow, Aloha!

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