Monday, November 2, 2009

R.I.P "Mardi Gras of the Pacific"

Okay, So I think Carlos and I might have offically crossed over into "Boring". You want to know what we did for Halloween???........ I watched, "Romancing the Stone" and Carlos sat on the PC all night ( hence my lack of posting ) editing photos for work. I then went to bed at 11pm. This would not be so bad if we didn't already do this on New Years Eve and the 4th of July this year....Can I blame the economy again??? Well, Sort of.......


1. I did not see one person and/or animal dressed in a Halloween costume all day long?

2. I did not have 1 "Trick or Treater" come to my house?

3. Apparently (according to Facebook and the "Coconut Wireless" of Maui ), We did not miss out on anything last night in downtown Lahaina......Halloween use to be a MAJOR BIG DEAL in Lahaina Town for years. However, "The Mardi Gras of the Pacific" was apparently getting a little too wild for the residents of Lahaina Town. So,  In an attempt to tame the debauchery of October 31st, Lahaina decided to try some new tactics (last year) to turn people off from coming Maui for the big party this year.

a) They are no longer closing Front St. for the crowds.

b) They brought in about a thousand stadium style flood lights to blind and annoy all the participants. I don't know about you, but flood lighting when you are drunk and sweaty is not a very good look for anyone......

I was out last Halloween on Front St. and thanks to these actions the night was not the same. We got word last week that Lahaina was going to pull the same thing again this year...Lame

So, even with Halloween landing on a Saturday night with an almost full moon it looks as if Lahaina Town finally achieved want they wanted.....a major major buzz kill.

Oh well, to be's nice to spend November 1st hang over free for once....

SIDE NOTE FOR Halloween: 2010

Looks like Paia Town on the North Shore of Maui is going to pick up where Lahaina has left off:-) Apparently Baldwin Ave was closed last night for a real party.......Paia is know for it's heavy population of Surfers, Kiters, Argentinean/Brazilian bikini models and serious vegans so I can only imagine what a pretty show this will become......xo xo


1 hr Hatha Yoga with Ateeka



Lunch/Dinner- 1 Naan Pizza with Local Organic Zukes and Goat Cheese ( salt, pepper, garlic and evoo )

I split this in half and had it for lunch and then dinner...

Snack-Dried Mangoes, 2 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ( Thanks to no "Trick or Treaters" I now have candy in the house that must be eaten )

After work snack: 2 La Brea Bakery Toasts with evoo, garlic, Cyprus Sea Salt and local Avocado. Yum....Love my Carbs!

WAIT! One last thing.....we're not total losers....I just found a picture from New Years Eve 2009! We actually had a friend over for champagne and beer!....

However, I'm not pictured because I'm in my Pajamas and battling MRSA Staph....nuf said.

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