Saturday, November 28, 2009


Sorry to be so MIA but I needed to take a little break for a few days and now I can finally tell you why......

I quit my job!! I'm finally leaving the art biz! Crazy, I know!

Not to worry though....I'm not totally crazy....I had another job first!

This process ( getting this new job ) has taken over a month to complete and I've been pretty stressed out over it. But, hopefully things will be looking up soon :-) I start training on Dec 7th. and my new office doesn't suck.....In fact, it's right in front of my favorite surf break on island at Kaanapali Point!

See the building on the left.....that's it!

I'll get into what my "new" job entails in due the moment I want to just relax and get back to my new book.

Oh yes....I did.
I finished "Twilight" in two days and shamefully bought the DVD that night.
Not to sound like a total cougar but yes, I get it now... the Robert Pattinson frenzy that is........Good Lord.

So now, I'm onto the next book "New Moon"....
I guess I'll have to see the next installment in the theater though ( I can't wait for the DVD! )....I have a feeling Carlos won't be joining me....

More terrible weather on Maui today of course...

Good thing my man is off at a friends house right now watching Florida vs Florida State Football ( he actually went to BOTH schools way back in the day ) and I can sneak off with my adolescent novel once again...'s a quick recap of the last few days....

More Green Juices and Pumpkin Milkshakes Smoothies

More Asian Burritos and Simple Salads

A typical Hawaiian Thanksgiving (  wine and Bloody Marys by 11 am at Castaways on Airport Beach with some girlfriends and dog while the man was stuck working.... )

Totally normal

Shawna and I


Miss Charlie ( aka Cha Cha )

I's not like I eat Turkey and Stuffing anyway.....

And some surfing at Honolua Bay.....( BTW-this way Thanksgiving around 6 pm )

......and many hours spent on desolate Maui beaches over the last few days as well

So there's your quick 4 day wrap up.....

Until later....ALOHA


  1. Congrats on the new job! Those Asian Burritos look amazing.

  2. Thanks:-)
    Yes, I'm a bit obsessed with those rice paper wrappers...

  3. Congrats on the new job! I actually got a new job about two months ago and got some time off so I went to France on a last minute whim while you were in NZ and Australia. I was considering coming to Maui but chose France instead. I am excited to hear what your new job is? My dad is in Kauai right now... I think its so funny that he takes a vacation from his life in Maui to go vacation in Kauai. Tough life you guys live over there! I guess I am going to have to get the Twilight books after all. :) Amanda S.

  4. That's so nice you went to France this Fall. How exciting:-)
    I've never been to Europe! Kinda strange....I keeping hoping the Euro will come down someday..I was is Buenos Aires last year and it is similar to Paris (but at 35 cents to the dollar)...!However, I would LOVE to see Spain, Portugal, France and Italy

    Hmmm Kauai sounds nice right now...I'd love to take a week off and run away to Hanalei:-)