Sunday, November 15, 2009

Raglan, Surf Town New Zealand

New Zealand recap continued....
Raglan, NZs most famous surf town

When we arrived in Raglan it was freezing....and raining. However, from what we could see it was absolutely beautiful! Green rolling hills everywhere! Cute flocks of sheep, craggy volcanic green mountains...This is how I always pictured New Zealand.

I think I'm wearing about 5 layers here...including Carlos' wind breaker...freezing!

Longest left hand point break in the world!

Drinking Pinot Gris from Marsden Estate

The main round about in down town Raglan

Seriously, Raglan seems like it would be amazing during the right season. It's filled with great places to eat, quaint little shops and the landscape and surf is to die for. Carlos and I both felt that the best way to take in this north island jewel is to rent a cottage for a month and really get to know it. Of course, this has been added to our huge growing to do list ( behind the Maldives, Sumbawa, Zanzibar, Nicobar, Tuamotu and Gambier Islands of course ) But who knows? Maybe someday......

Cute Raglan surf doggie trying to climb into the Wicked Camper

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  1. Those are beautiful photos! I work for Wicked Campers, do you think it would be possible for us to link to this blog story (from our website)? - its just lovely!!