Friday, November 13, 2009


Gloomy weather on Maui today :-( So I decided it was best to take advantage of it and run some much needed errands.....

First I dropped off clothes at the consignment shop, Rainbow Attic ( an hour away in Kihei! ) Then it was off too the Kaahumanu Mall in Kahalui to turn in 12 empty MAC make-up containers. Just in case anyone out there doesn't know this one.... MAC has a recycling program: for every 6 containers of make-up you turn in, you get a free lipstick! I think thats pretty cool and I've been recycling my MAC products for years.

A few months ago I decided to trade in my beloved MAC and go all natural with the Bare Minerals line. However, my skin totally rejected this new product :-( I was really bummed out about it too because I loved the way the mineral make-up evened out my skin tone at first. However, Mineral make-up is very drying and over time I started to develop Excema around my eyes!......It's GREAT for problem skin but not so much for dry complextions.....Oh well, I tried..... So I'm back to MAC and currently excema free!

My third stop today was the gym. You want to know what I did?? I QUIT! Yes, that's right!......but I do have a plan.....

First of all....I've suffered from 3 cases of MRSA staph in 2009 ( starting with New Years Day! ) and I always believe I picked it up from the gym  ( this is really common by the way ) and ever since my last outbreak ( April 09 ) I've been a bit squimmish about working out there! So, here's the dealio.....I have this thing called the Pacific Ocean REALLY near by my house and I have access to about 15 surfboards/paddle boards as well. Now, surfing kicks butt as a workout but so does, SUP boarding  ( stand up paddle boarding ) and distance paddling. The water in Hawaii never dips below 72 degrees F,  even in the dead of winter so there is really no excuse not to use the ocean as a gym. In all honesty, I get a WAY better workout paddling than I ever would on a stairmaster and by doing this I also save $60 a month:-)  These days, that's a lot of $$$
Second Plan....I used to run.
I'll admit, at the moment I don't think I could even run a mile without stopping to puke  I mean, to catch my breath but at one point about 4 years ago I was running about 25 miles a week! Granted I was training for the Maui Marathon but still! Crazy!!! ( BTW- I never actually got to run in the race, about 6 weeks out, I broke two of my toes....awesome )

The truth is this about me and running - I'm not a fan. But, I do remember that over time running got easier and easier! I also remember that I felt AMAZING afterwards! ( I also remember gaining weight doing it but it was healthy leg and booty muscle weight I believe )

So, now with no gym membership ( however, I have 30 more days to use it ) I am now truly forced to get creative. I really think I want to start running again and I think this is going to force me! FYI-I have a brand new pair of running shoes waiting in the closet.......

Third plan....Keep up with the yoga! So far I have been pretty good about this since Australia and I understand that I don't have to drive and pay $12-$17 for a class either! I'm loving my "Yoga with Ateeka" DVD and my "Yoga for Surfers". I would like to keep this up!

So there you go......This is my "Plan" It's better to write it down because it really makes it feel like more of a commitment now! I'm kind of excited actually and I plan to be brutally honest as always!

I started my morning early by getting up by 7:30 and I did some much needed gardening ( Which included planting some arugula ) and I enjoyed some rose and jasmine flavored tea from "The Tea Spot" in my cute tea mug my sister bought me 3 years ago in Sydney from T2 Tea.

Next was a simple salad before heading out to run errands.....

1 Roma tomato
2 tb Blue Cheese dressing

Then happy hour at Hale Cansler/Barberis

And then of course a Farmer's Market inspired dinner.......

Lemon Couscous
1 cup couscous
2 Tb fresh lemon juice
zest of 1 lemon
1.5 Tb evoo
1/4 tsp salt ( or more if you want )
1 cup water

Boil water, lemon juice, salt, and evoo over med heat, throw in cousous and zest. Turn heat down to low and cover. Should be done in about 5 minutes! Easy Peasy

Sauted Vegetables
1 carrot diced
1 Maui onion diced
1 large zuchini diced
6 stalks of asparagus cut into 1" pieces
1 Tb evoo
garlic salt to taste

Saute onions over med heat in evoo. Add carrots and zukes and stir fry until tender. Add asparagus and stir fry for about 2-3 minutes. Season with garlic salt.

Now all together with some grated pecorino romano......:-)

I'm offically full, and in the mood to watch "Gossip Girl" re-runs this evening.....I'm sure the Argentine will be thrilled:-) xo xo

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