Sunday, November 8, 2009

Opua Forest-New Zealand

Bay of Islands, NZ.....Day 1

Our first night in the van was tough.....It took me a really long time to actually fall asleep thanks to a mosquito that was buzzing around my head. Lucky for me, the mozzy left me alone by 2 or 3 am. However, Carlos was not so lucky....he woke up the following morning with about 10 bites on his ankles. Poor guy! Over the next week the bites actually became infected and caused quite a bit of discomfort for him for the rest of the trip.....bummer.

We spent the first morning in Paihia getting our bearings straight. We had brunch at a nice waterfront restaurant called "32 Degrees South". ( see post 10/15/09 ) and then we proceeded to walk around town. Paihia is really cute with airy cafes, boutiques, and vacation rentals that flank the pristine bay. Thanks to the calm island sheltered waters that encompass this area, The Bay of Islands has turned into a huge destination for cruisers and sport fishing enthusiasts alike. The South Pacific Ocean is the star player here no doubt and I can only imgine what a paradise this so called, "Subtropical" area of New Zealand becomes as the days grow longer in the upcoming months.

Falafel Burrito with Pumpkin Hummus

And cute garden I found at the local library!

mmmm kale....

After brunch it looked as if we might get a little break from the rain so we decided to hike into the hinderland a bit......

One of the most unique things I noticed in this area was the over abundance of large fern plants. Living in Hawaii I'm quite use to this sort of landscape but these New Zealand ferms are seriously massive! They are tall and broad, almost looking like pre historic palm tree! Really cool but sort of "creepy" at the same time......

Summit Opua Forest, Bay of Islands-NZ

NEW ZEALAND-To be continued......

BACK on Maui USA

Camera issues.....I swear, I know so many food bloggers right now complaining about the same thing? My lense is "stuck"?? It won't focus and let me snap a shot? Carlos ( my personal camera expert ) will be looking at it later tonight. However, thanks to this small issue I was unable to snap shots of my lunch. Dinner was during my work hours so I ran across the street to "Ono Gelato" ( they are making a killing off me! ) and grabbed a small salad and bruschetta. I took pics of these same dishes last week so here you go again:-)



Lunch- Mixed green salad with Blue Cheese dressing, homemade croutons (Costco La Brea bread, evoo and garlic salt.) Okay so I don't know whats going on with me but i just HAD TO HAVE BLUE CHEESE DRESSING AGAIN! So bizarre! I gave in and bought some from Safeway today, "Marie's" Chunky Blue Cheese ( aka: crack ) ....not the healthiest stuff in the world ( understatement of the year ) but for some crazy reason I need this stuff right now....??!

Dinner-"Corn and Lime Salad" $2.95 ( local Kula corn, red onions, kalamata olives, lime juice, salt, cilantro ) and Tomato Bruschetta ( focaccia bread, provolone cheese, grape tomatoes) $ 3.50 from "Ono Gelato" in Lahaina.

WORKOUT-1 hour Hatha Yoga

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