Saturday, November 14, 2009

Love my weekends :-)

Aloha and happy Saturday!

I started my morning with about 30 minutes of Hatha yoga stretches and some Acai Berry organic WhiteTea from "Octavia Teas" ( sweetened with about a tsp of Big Island honey )

When Carlos finally rose ( about an hour later ) we headed to Hawaiian Village Coffee so he could get his caffeine fix. I ended up with another cup of tea of course!...( mint )

Next stop Honolua Bay for a surf check!


Umm ya, not exactly firing now is it?  ( Nice day to snorkel I guess....)

So when the surf is down the best thing to do when you have a day off and can't spend any money is take inventory of your damaged boards....

Oh wait there's more....

 Yes...lots to be done.

Here's a shot of my baby ( SUP board ).......I love her. Oh and she's not damaged...yet.

So while Carlos got busy de-waxing boards for surgery I made us a yummy lunch!

Tossed Local Kine salad
Kula greens
Kula corn
Olowalu tomatos
organic white kidey beans
Blue Cheese dressing ( duh....)
Naan Bread from "International Fabulous Flats" heated up in the oven... ( love )

This was unreal and it filled both of us up until dinner!

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to cleaning and organizing the office, gardening and sweeping ( I mean, this is what I did....) Carlos went off to play Frisbee Golf ( don't ask ) in Kapalua with his buddy. It's okay....I'm one of those crazy people that just loves to clean. I think it calms me during these really hard/tight times. At lease I can control the organization and cleanliness of my own living space these days......As for everything else during these effed up times, who knows?......and who really cares? I'm really trying not too anymore...

Pre dinner we decided to walk the coast from Napili Bay to the end of Kapalua. We stopped on the way back on the beautiful green and lava point that juts out towards Molokai to watch the sunset....We spied a wedding taking place down the beach at Merriman's Restaurant...looked very nice ( and very expensive ).

Dinner was store bought Potato and Mushroom Gnocchi ( Emilia Brand ) inported from Italy-Excellant! I then took a 1/2 jar of Classico's Basil Tomato marinara, a dash of balsamic, 1 extra clove of garlic, a drained can of chopped organic tomatoes and left over veggie saute from last night and tossed eveything together for a really nice dish!

Side Salad

white kidney beans
Olowalu tomatoes
chopped Kalamata olives
percorino romano


1/4 c balsamic vinegar
1/2 c evoo
2 cloves garlic minced
1/4 tsp kosher salt
cracked black pepper
1.5 tsp Big Island honey


Carlos baked himself some Salmon with a homegown red chili and garlic marinade
( He also went back for seconds )

I'm pretty full right now....Carlos thinks he's going to bake some molten chocolate cake that he has hiding in the freezer later.....I hope he does not.

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  1. Mmmm the salad looks delicious, Mandy! I'm now motivated to make one this week with corn and blue cheese dressing hehe