Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fat Pig

New Zealand Recap continued.....
Kerikeri - Fat Pig Vineyard

This place was great! Not only was the wine excellant but the tasting room was set in a Quonset hut filled with animals and hay.

The first one to greet us was Moet, the Champagne colored lab.....
  We then met Bruce, who is hilarious and owns the winery along with his wife Sue.

But, before tasting the fabulous wine, Bruce introduced us to the rest of the family...

 Jenny Craig and ?? ( sorry I forgot )

Miss Manky
Miss Manky is a special breed of cat that has human like hair instead of fur. Thanks to this, she makes a great pet for people with allergies

love her

And although not pictured, I would like to also mention the 3 chickens, Chook, Chook, and Chook as well as "Stiffy" the rat.....who stays up on a rafter in the barn ( and doesn't ever move )

Now...if you scroll back up to the top of this post you will see that Bruce and Sue have featured all their animals on the Wine Label ( sign )

Now for the tasting!

We sampled bottles this day.......

*Fat Pig's award winning Runty's Ros'e- Crispy, slightly sweet and fruity. Very nice! This is made with 100% Syrah grapes
*1st vintage of Sauvignon Blanc-carring the classic New Zealand Savy flavors of tropical fruit. My favorite bottle from Fat Pig!
*Another first vingtage winner-Fat Pig's Pinot Gris! Excellant with a hint of honey and tropical fruit.
*And their big award winning 2006 Syrah. This was VERY good! Very bold and juicy, like an Aussie Shiraz or California Red Zin. Yum!

 This unfortunately was the end of our New Zealand winery tours :-( We had every intention to make it down to Hastings and Napier on the east coast to check out that up and coming wine region.  We even considered crossing the channel that seperates the north and south islands of New Zealand just to get to the mythical Marlborough County.......... But, Mother Nature had something else in store for

We purchased their 2009 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for $18 NZD :-)

Back on Maui 11-12-09

I need to be at work extra early on Thursday mornings so I'm not really ready for my Green Smoothie....I know I could make one anyway and save it for a little later but then the frozen bananas melt and it's just not the same!

The reason I'm bringing this up is because the last few Thursdays I've noticed that I am STARVING by 10 am?? And you want to know what I do? I walk across the street to "Ono Gelato" and get a panini! Now, there is NOTHING wrong with these provolone and tomato sanwitches except that for some reason early morning my stomach does NOT agree with cheese.....bummer

So, today to avoid another bloated tummy I removed a little over half the cheese from the sandwitch before diving in.....This seemed to help. However, the REAL solution is to make something else on Wed. nights to bring in Thurs morning. Duh........

I scored this sammie free today because I have already filled up my "Buy 10 get one free card" :-)
However, this would have been only $4.65.

Thanks to my 10 am Lunch I was full all the way until 6 pm.  So for dinner I decided to pop another Naan Bread in the oven with some easy toppings....

white kidney beans
1 roma tomato
kalamata olives
goat cheese
garlic salt

Today was hot and muggy over here on the Valley Isle. We have a nice storm rolling in and I keep seeing flashes of lightning over the Pacific. The surf on Maui is massive as well but I had some appointments to take care of after work so the surf will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm off for the next two days :-) Stoked...

Oh, I had a tiny scoop of vegan ice cream for dessert! Got to love coconut milk!

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